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Sir Russell Coutts on Mandates

Updated: Mar 23

Russell humbly acknowledged the sacrifices being made by so many of the people camped in Parliaments grounds; many having lost just about everything due to the mandates.

Here he is alongside New Zealand's two-time UCI Masters Mountain-Biking World Champion who, like Russell, does not like to lose - what a combination!

Note the posters (rear) detailing just a few of the thousands of jab-injured and dead.

The Big Guns are arriving, in this case, Jason Kerrison. Jason is an entertainer (singer) with a brain and a conscience which makes for a formidable combination. We sat and chatted for what seemed ages. Jason is an intelligent, natural leader who is obviously much better at posing for the camera than I am.

They all want a piece of this world champion (hahaha, just kidding: it's the other way around). Here's Liz Gunn, of television fame, who needs no introduction. Liz, again, better at posing than me, is putting everything on the line: She is a true heroine! Here is her website, please support Liz:

We must not allow the real heroes of the day to be overshadowed by celebrities. These are the people doing the hard yards and who are putting everything they have on the line in Wellington.


The police are tightening their noose around the Freedom Village, placing huge concrete barriers around the perimeter yesterday morning, thus preventing these people from leaving with their vehicles and stopping essential services coming in, such as for emptying and cleaning the toilets. It looks like the police's tactics, for now, is to starve the people into submission.

Doing a great job at keeping the peace:

security guards

Nice paws!


Here's a late-night tour of the Freedom Village:

Guess who came in and spoiled the peace a few hours later?

However, individually the cops have been great to deal with:


How to lend your support:

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11 commentaires

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
22 févr. 2022

Personal message to Gary Moller. When the crunch comes Gary you find see some frightening things. Firstly you will find that the very few people that would help you, even carry you, may be unable to. The rest will talk about you. Secondly, you will find to your horror that you may not be able to achieve asset transfer, that your Bank account, your Trust account, lawyers and Banksters are withdrawn from you. Starting even now or before, It will take twelve months or more for you to bridge your way to any safety. Believe me, I know what I am writing about.

The reason New Zealand is so far down the line is because they can do it h…


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
22 févr. 2022

If you get to the end of Archbishop's speech you will see he states clearly that we must fight for everything our civilisation has brought to us, including Christianity itself. This will be a crusade of death and misery as all wars are. Gary Moller is seeing the victims now, every day. Most New Zealanders will watch it all on TV, we will grow to despise them, and everywhere the stormtroopers will be outside. There will be corpses all over this battlefield. The utterly false flag of Al Noor was part of the preparation for this.

Say or pray goodbye to everything you held dear, for tomorrow it will not exist.


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
21 févr. 2022

Freedom village in Christchurch is very quiet. Every time there is a need for action in our country it is always Maori who reach the front line. In Christchurch there is also a very strong Christian presence, They are over-optimistic. We have seen how peace and love in Ottawa was met with violence and evil. Castro's son, Trudeau is organising a witch hunt the likes of which have never been seen in Canada.

In New Zealand, we have been able to interest 5 to 10% of the ' in doubt" group, but this will be to no avail over the winter.

I say again this is a war, it is going to be an ongoing war, the psychopaths are determined.…

23 févr. 2022
En réponse à

Oh thankyou, Nate. I'm so sorry to hear you have a bad back...that's not easy to live with 🙄💙

So happy you don't think i'm a dreamer...lots of people throughout my life would not have agreed LOL and i'm 70 next month! Consider yourself cyber-hugged 🤣🤩😍😂

Yea, that's the other thing, eh...i haven't told people for the past 30 years that i'm actually a journalist from way back, cos i've been so ashamed of their lack of morals and principles - where has the truth gone!? In my day, we would have researched properly, found the truth, and blown the govt out of the water! 🤓

MSM are just corporate owned puppies these days...don't know how they sleep at night…

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