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How to Donate to the Freedom Movement

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Welcome to the Freedom Village: Parliament Buildings!

I've had many inquiries from supporters wanting guidance about how to donate to the freedom cause, and I now have an avenue for getting every dollar you donate to go where it needs to be.

Here is:

As an aside: Do not believe the media and their shill commentators; this Freedom Protest is great for Wellington's economy. It is like an All-Black's rugby game is to the local economy, except this is going seven days a week, and ongoing for as long as the Government holds out! More than 2-3 thousand, hot meals are served three times a day by the village alone, hotels, motels, and AirBnB are booked out. Just think of the hundreds of police coming and going and the money that alone is pumping into the city.

This is great for Wellington's economy and all for the sake of blocking a few streets. I have been riding my bike through Central Wellington two times a day for the last two weeks and have not seen any out of the ordinary traffic congestion. We need to focus on reality and not what may be a media beat-up, intended to turn people against the protesters. Wellington commuters appear to have adapted and coping well with the inconvenience.

Food donated by Wellingtonians

Wellingtonians are bringing down food and other supplies, donating money and opening their homes to visitors for a bed, showers and a hot meal. Let's keep the momentum going: the more we grow the sooner we win, and peacefully! Woohoo!

Donations are keeping everyone safe and well.

I've been investigating the best way to donate money, so that you are assured that 100% of your donations will go to practical support, including food for the Freedom Village.

Donations of food, recorded and distributed.

Fantastic news: Polls tell us today, Friday, that 30% of New Zealanders support our Freedom Village. By Monday it will be 40%. The Government's narrative is sinking and the rats are abandoning the ship. We are Heartland New Zealand and we are not insignificant scum as some politicians and media would like most people to think (Labour's Michael Wood warns MPs who want to support anti-mandate protest it has 'river of filth' running through it).


There were rumours that the Freedom Truckers and other groups had received substantial donations from overseas interests. I have investigated as best I can over the last week: There is no evidence of this. The evidence is that this village is sustained by ordinary Kiwis all around the country reaching into their pockets to give what they can.

The Freedom Village is bringing Kiwis together, and reminding us of our history, including what is important to us!

I can assure you that every cent you give will be spent as intended.

Cute Doggie says: "Please donate!"

(I couldn't resist!)


here is the Freedom Village website where you may give your donation:

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