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Banned from Sport because we won't take Drugs!

Myra, Alofa and Gary

I'll speak for myself:

I'm in my late 60's and have been a competitive athlete since 14 years old. I'm still going strong and was the defending back-to-back UCI Masters mountain-biking world champion until COVID came along. I've held numerous master cycling titles here, including never having been beaten in Masters 60 at the NZ CyclocrossNationals.

I have been a tireless campaigner against the use of ergogenic drugs in sport. Perhaps the main reason I am still going so strong is my investment in health, including being drug-free.

Where is the science that proves healthy people exercising and competing in the Great NZ Outdoors presents a COVID risk to themselves, to other competitors, spectators or the organisers, or their workers? Go on; show me the evidence.

Along with my daughter Myra and Alofa, we are now banned from pretty much every sporting event because we refuse to take drugs! How absurd! These bans will prove illegal and a breach of our human rights. While it may take some time I will see justice served.


The New Zealand Mountain Biking Nationals are being held next weekend in Christchurch. Athletes without their "papers" in order cannot enter. For those who become the champions at this supposedly "drugs-free" event, I am sorry to say this, but your victories will be too easy and they will be hollow.


It is only a matter of time before justice is served: Cycling NZ, and other sporting organisations that discriminate, you are on notice. The uprising has begun and cannot be stopped.

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