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Updated: Mar 23


OMRICON is now sweeping through New Zealand, at long last and not a day too late. We need this mild infection to sweep through the healthy population while protecting the unhealthy so that we achieve natural herd immunity quickly and to get this completed before Winter sets in.

The vaccine does not work because it does not protect a person from infection and it does not prevent transmission. So what is the real intention of injecting 100% of people, including babies and the unborn several times over for an infection that is so mild for a healthy person that they may not even realise they have it?

It is time to cut the fibbing:

Here is what one of my clients has to say about Omricon. His family uses a health-based strategy for protection instead of injecting themselves and their three children with a gene-altering drug. An infection, presumably Omricon, went through the family last week:

"I will say if it is covid it is the biggest letdown I've ever experienced. Two years of constant attention and huge $$$ spent for a sore throat and a bit of a cough. It wasn't even enough to knock me into bed."

It might not have been Omricon, but I'd say it was. The family neither reported it nor did they test for it, instead they stayed at home for a week.

Here is what a mother wrote about her two sons:

"Lost their jobs as punishment for refusing the kool-aid. It's not about health anymore".

Omricon cases are grossly under-reported. When a worker gets an infection that may be Omricon, here is what businesses are doing, to quote one office manager:

"It is not official policy, but we all know to stay away from the office and work from home for a week, even if it is only a sniffle, and to keep quiet about it".

You see, a case of Omricon with all the fuss, isolation of close contacts that ensue, may ruin a business that is already struggling to be viable.

Polling confirms what people are telling me:

More people than ever are getting sick and tired of this silly game. It is time to sound the full-time hooter so we can all go home and get back to being happy, caring and freedom-loving people.



Hi Gary,

We've just released some significant new polling. See below.


Family First Media Release 18 February 2022

A new nationwide poll has found increasing opposition for the “no jab no job” mandates, increasing support for rapid antigen testing for unvaccinated kiwis so that they can keep their job, and 1 in 3 vaccinated Kiwis saying that the vaccine mandate or pass requirements was a large factor in their decision to get vaccinated.

In the poll of 1,000 New Zealanders surveyed by Curia Market Research commissioned by Family First NZ, respondents were asked: Do you support or oppose an employer being able to sack a staff member, purely because the staff member has not had a Covid-19 vaccine?

Only 39% support an employer being able to sack an unvaccinated staff member, down from 50% in a November 2021 poll by Curia. Opposition has increased from 31% to 38%. A further 23% were unsure / refused to say. Half (52%) of those triple vaccinated support employers being able to sack unvaccinated staff. Only a minority of double or single vaccinated respondents support such a measure. Respondents were then asked: Do you think employees who do not wish to have a Covid-19 vaccine should be able to keep their job, if they instead agree to have a regular rapid antigen Covid-19 test?

61% (almost 2 in 3) support unvaccinated employees being able to keep their jobs if they agreed to have a regular rapid antigen Covid-19 test – up from 58%. 23% were opposed – down 4%.

Interestingly, there was still strong support from those triple (55% support v 32% opposition), double vaccinated (66% v 11%) and single vaccinated (74% v 26%).

It is important to note that previous polls have focused on mandates for specific so-called “high risk” workforces. The 1News Colmar Brunton Poll last November showed 74% supported the mandate that impacts teachers, health care workers, port, border, and prison workers only. The Talbot Mills Research poll last October found 79% agreed with a vaccine mandate for health workers, while 72% agreed to one for teachers. The Horizon Poll released today also fails to make the distinction between wide-spread mandates and specific high-risk frontline workers. But this Curia survey asks about society-wide mandates which are affecting all workforces. The mandate is also affecting other events such as church attendance, weddings and family interactions, and even children’s sports. Respondents were also asked about their motivation for having the vaccine.

They were asked: Noting you have had at least two vaccinations shots, I'd like to read out a list of potential reasons why you got vaccinated, and for each one please tell me if that reason was not at all a factor in getting vaccinated, a slight factor, a moderate factor, a large factor or the main factor:

* To protect your own personal health * To protect the health of other people * Because you would be unable to enter most shops, bars and cafes if you were unvaccinated * Because you would lose your job if you were unvaccinated

The results suggest that only 70% to 75% of those vaccinated did so primarily for health reasons. Around a third (1 in 3 Kiwis) of those vaccinated said vaccine mandate or pass requirements was a large factor in their decision. 14% said the ‘no jab no job’ mandate was the main factor, and a further 17% said it was a large factor.

Respondents in the three metro cities are more likely to have got vaccinated due to vaccine mandates and passes. As expected, the older the respondents, the more likely they got vaccinated for health reasons.

The pollster also notes that 80% of those triple vaccinated say they did so for health reasons while only 54% of those double vaccinated. This suggests not all double vaccinated will get a booster shot.

With what we now know about the Omicron strain evading both vaccinations and immunity, transmission and the importance of testing, and the likely impact on workplaces throughout New Zealand, we’re continuing to call on the Government to allow the use of COVID rapid antigen testing as an alternative for unvaccinated kiwis.


Kind regards.

Bob McCoskrie, Family First

Read the Full Poll Results Here:

Download PDF • 292KB


This, and other results show that the worm is turning: people are realising that these vaccines and mandates are causing immense harm to people's health, the economy and our way of life and they want them gone. So, about 30% of New Zealanders now want the mandates gone: it will be 40% by next week.

It is time we adopted a health-based strategy

Why are we wasting millions more dollars that we don't have on mass testing for a mostly mild upper-respiratory infection? Instead, let's invest in health promotion and let the virus rip through the healthy population.

Here's some health advice for you and your family, which is a lot more effective than lockdowns, upending lives and businesses, stressing people to High Heaven and wasting billions of dollars:


The Titanic is going down!

Ironically, and much to the amusement of the protesters at Parliament, the Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, has been playing an annoying version of the theme music for the Movie, Titanic! The titanic narrative that lockdowns and experimental gene-altering drugs are saving us from doom is crumbling and the rats are abandoning ship. Actually, the rats are turning on each other as they see it is almost over for them. The sooner this evil ship sinks, the better and the rats had better go down with it.



An update from the Freedom Village with lots of photos:

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Feb 19, 2022

Go everyone, we're on a roll! People are starting to wake up and stand together! Yahoo!


Dr Keryn Johnson
Dr Keryn Johnson
Feb 19, 2022

So, if it is not about health what is it about? Control! I am a quantum biologist, a regenerative medicine expert that worked for the government for 18 years at Callaghan Innovation. Helped Aroa Biosurgery develop Endoform (extracellular matrix scaffold from sheep's stomach). They are now a $245M+ ASX company based up in Auckland. You could say I have learnt a thing or two over the years researching wound healing and regeneration. I discovered that the active ingredient in Manuka honey was not MGO methylglyoxal back in 2013, identified the anticancer compound in Chicory for GrassLanz and developed many other products and processes for New Zealand businesses. As a scientist I was not incentivised to do anything for New Zealand…

Feb 19, 2022
Replying to

You have hit the nail on the head 100%. Thank you for your article, the more people that come out of the woodwork the better. I have been researching health/vaccines/politics for over 20 years. Selling good health has never been on the agenda. It has however been ALL about getting as many drugs and vaccines into the human as possible. The motto of the vaccine companies is "vaccinate a child and you have a customer for the rest of their lives". The cover-ups over the years from cancer treatments to Aids cover-ups is mind blowing. Pleased to read that Robert Kennedy Jr's book "The real Anthony Fauci" is selling well, the corruption uncovered is even worse t…


Feb 18, 2022

As for 90% of New Zealander's supposedly jabbed - don't believe a word of it. If that was the case I doubt very much if 10% of the people would have an impact in restaurants, businesses that can't get staff. Why is it I read that restaurants can't get staff and can't get enough patrons and and as a result are closing? It is obvious because there are more unvax running round that this dictator would have you believe. Just another PR Ploy to make unvax feel guilty for not putting their arms out.


Feb 18, 2022

The whole covid CON has been just that a CON right from the beginning. Statistics from the UK for example clearly show that covid was never a deadly deadly problem. As for good old NZ, 50 odd deaths in nearly TWO years , yeah right a real pandemic - just lies lies. If I live to 100 I will never understand how so many grown-up people bought into all this "BS". Sweden tried it and the people said no way and you all know the results. It was and still is ALL about vaccines and vaccinating the whole planet, has been the plan for a number of years. Good luck to all those who put the experimental poison into…


Baby Dog Of Justice
Baby Dog Of Justice
Feb 18, 2022

I spoke to a pro-mandate person yesterday I simply asked "Did you honestly think you could fire 10% of the population, take any future jobs from them, coerce another 30% to take the jab and honestly think there would be no push back?" He was a nice guy but was completely taken a back, genuinely shocked and actually shaken. He had that wide eye look people get when they are having a sudden & disturbing realisation that they are the villain in the story and by supporting these rash actions, had set in motion a series of events that could end in disaster.

Seriously what adult thinks there would not have been trouble? Even the bible's old testament makes it…

Dr Keryn Johnson
Dr Keryn Johnson
Feb 19, 2022
Replying to

Hi Baby Dog Of Justice,

this may be their plan all along for creating unity? It is bringing people together like never before and a common enemy has been identify. The government. They are trying to take away our rights and this is just the start.

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