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Cam Slater Interviews Gary Moller About Stroke Recovery & HTMA Testing

Updated: Mar 11

(Updated, 1st March, 2024)

Here it is, folks: Cam Slater and I discuss stroke, hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), recovery, and health.

Feedback to RCR Radio:

Reality Check Radio

~ People seem to be really enjoying being part of Cam's health journey and your advice around it. We received a large amount of feedback, here are a few pieces:

~ Gary provided so much invaluable information today, Cam. Another National treasure. Good job, Beth

~ Cam, that for me was a god given message ..!!! I’d just awoken and declared that I wished to attract to my day all that was needed for me to experience the good and that I could go into the day on the path to higher knowledge. I turned on RCR Radio and got your discussion. Being of a background in natural ways of living, I understood much of the discussion. I know I was meant to hear of your path back to health and Gary will be hearing from me for analysis.. I wish you strength and perseverance to get fully healthy and off those drugs particularly statins !!!! Regards Coro Daniel

~ Hi team,

So great to have you all back, hope you all had a well deserved  break.

Now you are back for the year,  hubby, Jack and I are are engrossed in all your interviews and discussions. 

There have been so many gems since you started back but I did want to say how interesting the interview was with Gary Moller and Cam.  We certainly  look forward to seeing how Cam gets on, I for one have got in touch with Gary since that interview and couldn't believe it when Gary personally rang me, what a refreshing change that was, so I am going to look into an issue with Gary and see if I can also get some answers.

Keep up the great work R C R, you are all so very much appreciated,

Big hugs

Sal and Jack,


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