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Stroke Prevention and Recovery: The Interview

Updated: Apr 6

I had a chat with Cameron Slater, the Reality Check Radio Host, who's on the path to recovery from a stroke he had five years back. His progress is remarkable and serves as a valuable example for anyone grappling with this condition. Stroke is a serious brain injury, and it's crucial for everyone to understand it and learn what to do in case it occurs to us or someone close. We had a broad 1.5-hour conversation about this topic, and I hope you find it helpful.

I have two things to say before you begin listening:

  • My father, Gordon, died from a heart attack and not a stroke as wrongly said during the interview. It could be said that I had "stroke" on my brain!

  • We could do an entire interview on managing blood pressure which is an important factor in stroke prevention and recovery. Read this article when you have time, thanks:

Here is the interview:

Here is the replay link for your interview that aired on Thursday: GARY MOLLER: On Stroke Prevention And Recovery - Reality Check Radio

And here is the full show: The Crunch Full Show - Reality Check Radio

Feedback About the Show:

~ What a fascinating discussion with Gary, Cam. Thank you. We feel your compassion for others, Beth.

~ Fascinating discussion on stroke with Cam and Gary lm 8months post stroke and learned so much so encouraging

~ Hi, I just listen to Gary talking I am legally blind. I have a rent retinal pigmented epithelium tear in my eye. It bled into my central vision. Meaning I can no longer see with central vision can't read or write very well. Can't read it all. I'm wondering if Gary might be able to help me this was a very impressive talk I'm especially interested in citrus therapy and I have dried citrus peels. I also have freeze dried citrus peel organic local from the south island from my backyard and I'm really interested to know how much I should take of this ground up powdery freeze dry material per day. Thank you also I'd love to get Gary's number so I can call and see if I can make an appointment.

~ Hi cam, as always a great show on the 16th of nov. I realy liked your interveiw with Gary Moller, but found it to be very lacking in physiological content. As you know i've had a stroke and the first four years i was desperartly trying to be the person i used to be, I was failing and i became more and more depressed. I felt that i was no use as a husband, my three daughters would be better off without me, and for me suicide was the only option. Well i am still here its a hell story. best wishes Mike.

~ I was held in my seat today listening to Gary Moller and yourself, talking about strokes, their onset, prevention and treatment. Gary Moller is a treasure to behold. I cannot wait for the next few instalments on this subject. I will share this interview with my dear uncle, who had a stroke 2 years ago. I don’t believe he was as proactive as you in his rehabilition and this is a real tragedy. I hope he can be enlightened with the information discussed between yourselves. Thank you Cam and Gary!

~ Cam great talk on strokes yesterday. My 79 yr old mother got stomach cancer and rang acc and said she wanted to make a claim. They said "you can't claim for cancer". She replied " why not it was an accident ! I didn't plan to get cancer!!! True story. They hung up on her. From Shelley

If you liked the RCR interview make sure you give them feedback so we can do more shows like this one:

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