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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - The Interview

Updated: Apr 6

(Updated 20th December, 2023)

"Health practitioner Gary Moller joins Rodney to talk about the importance of a balanced nutritional intake in our diet, and how to address deficiencies and toxic load." 

~ Hi Gary, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on RCR…absolutely amazing information that really made sense…

~Great show again, so informative

~ Thank you Rodney and Gary. Great episode.. you know,I heard the strangest thing the other day. A Facebook friend was in hospital due to her heart racing and jumping around!! They told her it was due to her changing her diet,removing takeaways,surgery stuff, cakes, refined carbs etc and that she was very low in "potassium " hence the heart issue! She's my age early 4os!! What a whole lot of rubbish...I don't eat bananas, I should be dead then!!

Click on the image to listen to the replay:

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