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An example of lead detoxification on HTMA

Updated: Mar 16

Despite our obsession with health and safety, hygiene and other measures to keep us safe, we are failing miserably. I've been testing people for toxins for the last 20 years and things are getting worse - not better. Take the toxic element lead, for example. We think things are sweet now we have it out of petrol and out of paint, but how do we explain that I am seeing more cases than ever of damage caused by lead and other toxic elements such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium and even uranium? I conclude that we are destroying this planet in more ways than we realise!

Yes, there is a depressing tone to this message, but there is

also, a positive one: we can protect our bodies from these toxins and eliminate those deep within us!

With his permission, here is the first hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) of a young man struggling with vague health issues:

You will note that there is a small amount of uranium, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminium. These levels look innocuous enough, but the patterns of nutritional and additional elements hint that there may be more than we can see. Toxins like lead are sequestered deep in the body in organs like the liver, kidney and even the brain. They are osteophilic and lipophilic, which means hiding in bone and fat. These sequestered toxins will not show other than what is coming out of the body. So, what we see on the HTMA is what is coming out of the body. So, when we see a little on the HTMA, we must ask this: "Is there a whole lot more hiding deep in this person's body?"

So, with this young man, we assumed there might be a whole lot more toxins deep within his body. So, our actions were to figuratively snare the toxin's head ( a snake) and start drawing it out of its lair. Have we got hold of a small adder or a long anaconda? Our snare was a mix of nutrients that we know are mineral antagonists to toxins like cadmium and lead.

Then we repeated the HTMA about 18 months later to see if there was a snake and just how big might it be. Here is what we discovered - paydirt!

This man has a clear case of lead and copper toxicity! That is terrible news but worthy of party time - celebration in a healthy way. We now know what we are dealing with and how to get it out of his body.

On investigation, the most likely source of lead is using a slug gun as a teenager (lead shot), and the copper may be from having had Glandular Fever.

Being assured that the sources are in the past, we can clean his body of these toxins. While this cleansing process may take years to complete, who cares because this man has the best years of life ahead of him.

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