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More warnings about lead toxicity in children and adults

Although it is many years since we got rid of lead in our petrol and there is stricter control of lead in everything from cosmetics to house paint, the problem, in my opinion, is still wreaking widespread havoc on health.

Here are three recent examples (permission obtained from patients to use these charts):

Home renovators take care!

One baby and toddler, both with widespread eczema and food allergies. Parents and doctors at a loss to do anything other than relieve symptoms. Parents did vaguely suspect lead (Pb) because the problems seemed to coincide with renovations of their home, including sanding and painting. We tested the older of the children, plus the mother and "bingo!" - toxic levels of lead and even some arsenic (As), both consistent with home renovations and babies exposed to the dust. Referring to the chart above, the elevated Na and K are indicative that this child is very stressed adrenally, presumably from the lead. Eczema and digestive upset are associated with lead and arsenic.

This is the tissue mineral analysis for the children's mother. This is consistent with lead exposure during home renovations. Her levels may be lower because she presumably was exposed to less by not crawling on the ground, sucking on things and so on. Also, her more mature liver and other organs may have been able to eliminate the lead more effectively than the child. The extreme elevation of copper is indicative of a previous severe viral infection such as glandular fever. Lead increases susceptibility to viral, yeast and fungal infections. Eczema and many digestive disorders, are fungal and yeast in nature. And, if lead was not enough, elevated copper suppresses the adrenals and thyroid, leading to conditions such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, stretch marks, joint and tendon injuries and general poor disease resistance.