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Are the Bugs going to get you?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Is this how our Times are to be remembered?
Is this how our Times are to be remembered?

If you are zinc deficient, and the chances are at least 90% that you are, then you are a sitting duck for suffering bad things if you are exposed to bugs such as yeast, fungi and viruses. Hence, with COVID19, the sensibility of advising most people to "social distance", wear a mask and wash their hands. If most people were zinc-optimum, then viruses like COVID19 might be little more than an inconvenience for the majority of people, including the elderly.

Before reading the rest of this article, please take a little time to watch this video which explains nicely how your immune system uses zinc to fight viral invasions. It is important that you watch this video before proceeding.

Zinc is essential for preventing viral replication. What the drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is being used for, in this case in the video, is to expedite the delivery of zinc into the cells. Here are a few key points to bear in mind:

  • Most people, probably 90% or more, especially children, young adults and the elderly, have very low levels of cellular zinc. Therefore, they are vulnerable to suffering from rampant viral replication.

  • It takes months, if not years of careful and deliberate supplementation to optimise zinc levels because life is a constant drain on these precious nutrients.

  • Infection, physical trauma, hard exercise, growth, hormone surges and exposure to toxins such as mercury all deplete tissue zinc.

  • Zinc is especially beneficial during the early stages of infection, but slow on the uptake, so trying to deliver zinc to top up low levels AFTER the infection has taken hold is probably not going to have much effect on the course of the infection.

  • It appears the main benefit of drugs like HCQ for fighting an infection such as COVID19 is to enhance the delivery of zinc into the cell apparatus as per the video above.

  • If cellular zinc stores are already high, rather than low then a drug-based delivery system is probably not needed - zinc is already there and in sufficient quantities.

  • If cellular levels of zinc are high, rather than low, then an infection by a virus is probably going to be done and dusted within about 10 days with lesser consequences than might otherwise have been the case.

  • Catastrophe is best avoided by optimising zinc and other nutrients many months in advance of any threat. I promote the idea of keeping 20 years ahead of any disease. Acting once it takes hold is far, far too late to be acting. Drugs trials such as for HCQ confirm this.

If you want to see the running list of research into the use of HCQ for preventing and treating COVID 19, here is the website.

Zinc, along with thousands of other nutrients, protect us from the infectious hordes by ensuring that we have fortress-like walls that are constantly being repaired and upgraded by our immune system's tireless workers. This constant work ensures that we can withstand the onslaught by these bugs, billions of them at a time, old and new ones, for a hundred or more years. If any of the invading hordes get past our outer defences, then our Immune Troops, millions of them, come to the rescue, armed with potent weaponry, including a million bug-killing zinc atom bombs. Our immune defences are more than impressive, they are gob-smackingly awesome and heroic! But what happens if we do not invest in our immune systems? What happens if our food contains little or no zinc? What if our food lacks selenium, magnesium and any more of a thousand other nutrients? What if it lacks cholesterol and fatty acids? What if it lacks vitamin C and the B group? What if it lacks vitamins, A, D, E and K?

None of this about zinc is quack science, it is stuff that we have known about and understood for a long time and very well researched. But it is just not taught in our medical schools. When it comes to getting good nutritional advice for health issues, I sometimes think a person is better off consulting a rural vet than anyone else! Or me.

Answer: we are in big trouble!

All of these nutrients listed above are essential for immune health. All of these nutrients are lacking in the modern diet. Some like cholesterol are deliberately removed from our diets. We get little to no vitamin D thanks to the well-intended but horribly misguided Sun Smart programme. It can be assumed that all of our children are now vitamin D deficient.

Did you know that our immune systems use sodium (salt) to combat infections? Salt is concentrated in fluids that sterilise. Where an infection takes hold, our bodies concentrate microbe-killing salt. This is why tears taste salty.

Think of all of those elderly people in rest homes around the country who are on low-fat (low fat = low fat-soluble vitamins), low-cholesterol, salt-free diets. Look closely and you see fungal infections, yeast infections (think of the inflamed eyelids of the elderly probably due to chronic yeast infections) and when a virus gets into one of these places, it runs rampant with devastating consequences.

I'm describing the Modern Diet here. In the last