• Gary Moller

How to Escape from our COVID19 Prison Pt 4: The Doctor Patient Relationship

doctor and patient

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The sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship

For background about why the doctor-patient relationship must be sacred and protected from interference, please listen to the interview here with Canadian doctor, Dr Kulvinder Kaur Gill.

The Geneva Declaration of 1948

"It is a declaration of a physician's dedication to the humanitarian goals of medicine, a declaration that was especially important in view of the medical crimes which had just been committed in German-occupied Europe".


In the case of COVID19, many health professionals are becoming very uncomfortable about the undue influence Government officials, academics and politicians are having over how they run their practices. They feel that Government officials, politicians and their advisers are over-reaching when it comes to the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. While there is the need for some oversight to ensure safety and to control costs, the restrictions being placed on what a doctor can and can not do for her patient with regards to COVID19 is excessive and can not be justified.