• Gary Moller

How to Escape from our COVID19 Prison Pt 3: Our Immune System

(Updated 2/10/20)

When it comes to COVID19, the difference between life and death depends on just how good your immune system is.

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"More and more diseases are recognized as being triggered or aggravated by a long-term suboptimal micronutrient intake. Vitamins and other micronutrients have been shown to help optimize cellular metabolism in cardiovascular disease, cancer, immune defence, and many other health conditions."

Dr Rath


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For millions of years, our immune systems have been in constant action, working out ways (evolving) to keep us living in peaceful coexistence with potential enemies (bugs), old and emerging. The immune system within us is incredibly complex and remarkably effective. It will sustain a Human-Being in good health for the best part of 100 years, sometimes longer.

It is incredibly arrogant to think that we can do better than our immune systems. It is even more arrogant to think that it can be done with a single, so-called "Cure". Mother Nature simply does not play that game.

Waging war to stay Alive

Our immune systems are our remarkable defence system. It is ready to wage war in an instant and to battle to the death.

There only two kinds of generals in times of war: those who win and those who are defeated.

The winning general has:

  • A professional and highly trained army, navy and airforce that is armed to the teeth with the widest range of the best weaponry. Plenty of it and all very well-maintained.

  • Troops that are physically fit, rested and well-nourished.

  • Backup and support with more troops at the ready with plenty of ammo and supplies, including food (an army cannot march on empty bellies).

  • An intelligence-gathering arm, including spies (research) so he knows what he is up against at all times.

When waging war, the winning general employs all of his resources and reserves in a carefully measured, timed and coordinated manner. He most