• Gary Moller

How to Escape from our COVID19 Prison Pt 1: Introduction

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

What is our escape plan?
What is our escape plan?

"Far from adopting this strategy as a model, the world must avoid the corner of perpetual recurring lockdowns in which New Zealand now finds itself. And New Zealand’s government would be wise to drop the hubristic pretensions of commanding and controlling a virus through medieval self-isolation, seeking instead an alternative strategy that is robust to unexpected setbacks and equipped for long-run recovery."

Phillip W Magness


Part one: Introduction to the project and something about zinc

New Zealand, the "Team of Five Million", set out in March to "Flatten the COVID19 Curve" and ended up killing off the virus completely. After celebrating this amazing achievement, we are now coming to the realisation that we have constructed our very own COVID19 Prison. We are now an island nation that is cut off from the rest of the world. We are in self-imposed prison with no release date. What the latest lockdown of Auckland has taught us, is we can not safely open up to the rest of the world and no relief is in sight for a very long time. We need a better plan than the one we have (is there one at all or is it being made up on the hoof?). We need an ingenious escape plan.

This project outlines how we are going to mastermind and execute our prison break.

This escape plan will save many lives. It will save us from financial ruin. If we do nothing our country will be bankrupted before this is all over.

I am writing this as a series of articles that will finish by pulling it all together as a practical escape plan.

Links are provided at the end of each article to evidence that supports why our escape plan will work.

The official Plan