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How to Escape from our COVID19 Prison Pt 1: Introduction

Updated: Feb 26

What is our escape plan?
What is our escape plan?

"Far from adopting this strategy as a model, the world must avoid the corner of perpetual recurring lockdowns in which New Zealand now finds itself. And New Zealand’s government would be wise to drop the hubristic pretensions of commanding and controlling a virus through medieval self-isolation, seeking instead an alternative strategy that is robust to unexpected setbacks and equipped for long-run recovery."

Phillip W Magness

Part one: Introduction to the project and something about zinc

New Zealand, the "Team of Five Million", set out in March to "Flatten the COVID19 Curve" and ended up killing off the virus completely. After celebrating this amazing achievement, we are now coming to the realisation that we have constructed our very own COVID19 Prison. We are now an island nation that is cut off from the rest of the world. We are in self-imposed prison with no release date. What the latest lockdown of Auckland has taught us, is we can not safely open up to the rest of the world and no relief is in sight for a very long time. We need a better plan than the one we have (is there one at all or is it being made up on the hoof?). We need an ingenious escape plan.

This project outlines how we are going to mastermind and execute our prison break.

This escape plan will save many lives. It will save us from financial ruin. If we do nothing our country will be bankrupted before this is all over.

I am writing this as a series of articles that will finish by pulling it all together as a practical escape plan.

Links are provided at the end of each article to evidence that supports why our escape plan will work.


The official Plan

We have been offered a plan by our wardens and guards and this is to do the following:

  • Cower in our basements

  • Wash our hands often

  • Clean everything

  • Wear a mask whenever we go outside

  • Do not get close to anyone - everyone is a potential silent carrier of the killer bug

  • Be nice to others

  • and wait for the patented miracle vaccine that is coming to save us

Nothing else is offered. It is not an escape plan; it is a pseudo escape plan that keeps us imprisoned indefinitely while we wait and pay for the development of the magic bullet in the form of a patent medicine, most probably a vaccine. This miracle medicine, the knight in shining armour, the magic bullet, will finally open the prison doors and we will be released. Free!

But here's the thing: there is no release date and there is no miracle drug. Vaccines for coronaviruses are only ever partially effective. There will never be a dashing cavalry charge coming to save us. What finally comes will be late and only partially effective. That is a guarantee.

The gold rush search for the COVID19 cure reminds me of the never-ending search for the cure for cancer which has been going on for decades. A cancer cure will never be found, although great advances have been made for various cancers; but there is no cure for cancer and there never will be. A cure will kill the multi-billion-dollar industry that has built up around cancer.

My occupation has me in daily contact with a wide range of health professionals, doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, exercise physiologists and more. I sense a growing disquiet that not all is right with the message that dominates the airwaves.

A lot has been learned about COVID19 over the last few months and it is very clear that there are therapies available right now that do the following:

  • Increase resistance to the infection

  • Reduce the severity of the infection

  • Reduce complications

  • Reduce deaths markedly

Right now, none of these therapies are supported officially, with the most promising being declared to be rubbish and tossed into the "Conspiracies Trash Bin". Some have been banned (more about this in a later article).

Why? Because the remedies involve the use of:

  • Herbs that can not be patented and are cheap.

  • Vitamins and minerals that can not be patented and are cheap.

  • Medicines that are either off-patent and /or are cheap.

A common factor is that none are truly effective on their own. None are the magic bullet. They work together in three's or fours or more, just like Mother Nature does. They work synergistically as a team, sometimes requiring only tiny daily amounts.

As a team, these cheap therapies represent a clear and present danger to the multi-billion-dollar search for the magic bullet. The Holy Grail, the forever elusive patent medicine that will only be partially effective against this virus when it is finally developed, is being threatened by generic medicines, vitamins, minerals and herbs that cost just a few dollars a day.

Actually, as I said earlier, the real money is in the never-ending search for the "cure". Billions are being made right now with nothing yet sold! Stock values of biotech companies have skyrocketed hundreds-fold without selling a single thing other than a promise to a desperate population.

The Winter of our discontent

Natural health professionals were dismayed and frustrated when they were shut down for the duration of the national level 4 Lockdown, along with greengrocers and butchers, while liquor stores and supermarkets remained open. No health advice was broadcast about what people could do to support their immune health and none has since been offered. This is despite the clear evidence that immune health is critical for resisting and surviving infections such as COVID19.

When the lockdown was lifted, the media whipped up a frenzy, encouraging us to rush to the nearest fast food outlet.

When a South Auckland family goes to a COVID testing station, they are given lollipops, whereas they should be handed a piece of apple or a carrot stick.

If our best protection against COVID19 is our own immune health, where is the leadership?

A lot of us (health professionals) are not happy.

Supporting immune health is mostly free and the rest is very cheap. A few dollars a day.

Don't you have an uneasy feeling? Are we all being conned, including our politicians and our health officials? Are cheap and effective solutions being ignored, suppressed and even banned because they do not fit with the dominant narrative, including the lucrative hunt for the cure?

I think we are being misled. Do you?

In a series of articles to come, I'll outline some of the solutions then show you how we can pull it all together into a plan that will have us free and able to open our borders and re-engage with the rest of the world just one month later! And we can do this without causing a single unnecessary death.

We can open our borders just one month after commencing our escape plan.

I am going to start with zinc. Optimising population zinc levels is the first thing to do in readiness for our dash for freedom. We need to do this right away - not later because optimising cellular zinc takes a long time. Optimum zinc is one of several measures that will ensure that no one dies needlessly.

Leave no man or woman behind! We are the Team of Five Million.


Zinc the miraculous immune-booster

Loss of smell: a screening test?
Loss of smell: a screening test?

Something smells!

An interesting thing happens when a person starts to go down with COVID19; there is often a loss of taste and smell (hypogeusia and anosmia). This apparently a medical mystery, but studies are underway to see whether or not this phenomenon can be used as a way of picking up COVID19 early.

For anybody who has training in nutrition, they will know that the loss of taste and smell associated with things like infection, trauma or excessive exercise is actually due to zinc deficiency. If the role of zinc in fighting infections was acknowledged, everybody would be going out and buying zinc supplements for their family.

When a virus enters a cell, the immune system uses zinc to inhibit viral replication. The more zinc that is available, the less viral replication there is - simple! The loss of taste and smell, as well as the loss of appetite, happens because sufficient zinc is no longer available for neurotransmitter production. The loss of taste and smell is a red flag warning that there is a zinc deficiency. If there is not enough zinc, any viral infection, including COVID19, will run rampant within the deficient body.

Please watch this five-minute video about zinc and coronavirus.

A few points about this video:

  • Zinc is very safe to administer and it has been safely prescribed for decades by nutritionists.

  • Zinc's actions, including its antiviral activity, is very well understood.

  • Nutrition technologists have been perfecting ways to efficiently deliver minerals like zinc into the cells. There are some very effective zinc supplements.

  • Zinc supplementation is best begun many months before exposure to a pathogen, but late is better than none at all.

  • If time is of the essence, then a facilitator drug, like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) comes into action. More about HCQ in a future article.

This video explains how zinc prevents viral replication and how HCQ enhances zinc uptake by a cell.

Anyone who is zinc-deficient is a sitting duck for rampant viral infections.

I run a nation-wide nutrient-testing company, mostly servicing health professionals. What I have found is there is hardly a single person in New Zealand who is not zinc deficient. For practical purposes, just about every person in New Zealand will benefit from zinc supplementation.

Diets consisting mostly of refined carbohydrates, sugars and depleted protein such as chicken are devoid of zinc and most other micronutrients. Infections, physical trauma, emotional and physical stress, excessive exercise, sweating, environmental and food-based toxins and many medications all deplete zinc.

Those most deficient in zinc are the elderly and those living in poverty. It is by no coincidence that these people are also the most likely to end up in intensive care and to die from COVID19.

The first step in preparing for our escape is to begin supplementing our entire Team of Five Million with a modest daily dose of zinc, costing just cents per day.

We need to begin right now, well before we open our borders and make our break for freedom. The sooner we start, the greater the benefit - the greater our population resistance to all disease, including COVID19.

Optimising zinc is just the first step, there are several more measures which I will outline in further articles, then we will pull all of the ideas together to produce a unified escape plan.


Part Two of our Escape Plan


Further Reading


Please read these articles about how to escape from our COVID19 Prison:

And these:

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Aug 31, 2020

Eric, I think both tests are very useful especially when viewed together because you get a better idea of circulating zinc and zinc in the cells which is where you really want it to be.

Bear in mind, always, with HTMA, that what may appear high may be low because high in hair may be because of a loss of a mineral from the body. This often trips people up.


Aug 30, 2020

I see in the Auckland area you can get a (private) "Zinc Blood" test for $55 plus the admin/bleeding fee cost a extra $14 for $69.

On the other hand a mineral & heavy metal results from a hair sample might be more value for money, that way you can look at other things.

I am not sure if Zinc in the blood should all that different from say zinc that shows up in hair sample.

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