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Artemisia has been banned! (updated Sept 2022)

In 2016, I predicted that the herb artemisia would be removed from the shelves by Government health officials to make way for high-value patented and copyrighted versions produced and sold by Big Pharma.

We did not know how this would happen, but they found a solution. On the 18th of May 2020, under cover of the day when natural health practitioners were preoccupied with re-opening for the first time since New Zealand's first COVID-19 Lockdown, Medsafe announced that all artemisia products were now classed as being a "medicine" and could only be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. This is effectively a ban on the herb.

And this is an interesting coincidence with the ban:

And, by coincidence, this article appeared in the Herald, a Government funded news outlet:

This is a huge blow for the natural health industry and for the freedom of the consumer to choose their healthcare other than one that is locked into drugs-based symptoms-chasing treatments.

Artemisia, an ancient Chinese herbal remedy, has been used as a health-promoting tonic for around 5,000 years. Despite the claims of Medsafe, artemisia is an extremely safe product when used correctly. There was absolutely no reason for this ban. But it clears the way to replace a $40/month herbal treatment with patent versions that may cost thousands of dollars per month for the same thing. And guess who pays? You and I via our tax dollars to pay for a healthcare system that is now so expensive that it threatens to bankrupt our country!

Please watch this video before proceeding (this is scandalous).

Please read the Medsafe reports here before proceeding: