• Gary Moller

Invest in your Health! (updated 10/2020)

The best investment a person can ever make during their lifetime is investing in their own health. It is also said that the best gift you can give those who you love is your own good health.

Olympian Kayla Imre
Olympian Kayla Imre

Enduring good health comes from anticipating disease. Most disease can be anticipated such that it may never happen or, if it does take hold, it will quickly pass and the consequences minimised.

Keeping 20 years ahead of disease is the key to a long, enjoyable and productive life.

Do not rely on medical testing, including screening, drugs and surgery to save your life because it won't. Testing, including screening, like mammograms and colonoscopies, are far, far too late from the perspective of maintaining excellent health over a lifetime. By the time the disease has taken hold and finally detectable you risk becoming a disempowered widget lying passively on the conveyor belt of modern allopathic medicine.

'As some of the foundational beliefs of allopathic medicine are being imposed upon the masses, it's becoming easier to perceive how western medicine has been, since its inception, leveraged for disempowerment, dependency, and ultimately, control. It’s been clear from the start that our so-called “health care” has never truly been about health. In fact, the very system that generates the illness, provides the “treatment” that generates more illness requiring more treatment. And you, the patient, are helpless to heal yourself without a medical authority.' A quote from Kelly Brogan, MD.

I agree with Dr Brogan as far as modern medicine applies to chronic ill health and ageing-related disease. It is an unmitigated disaster, chasing symptoms and almost completely incapable of dealing with the root causes of ill-health. On the other hand, when it comes to modern emergency medicine, I have nothing but praise!

How to be proactive about your health in an environment that breeds fear and disempowerment

Begin your journey by thinking about what is most likely to get you

Did you know that there are four main killers in the developed world:

  1. Circulatory Diseases: such as heart attack, stroke and dementia.

  2. Cancers

  3. Respiratory Diseases: such as bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia.

  4. External Causes: such as suicide, accidents and homicide.

What you will realise about these is they are all largely preventable. When you look at the top three, what is good for preventing one is good for the others. For example, the diet that is heart-healthy is equally good for reducing cancer risk, dementia and lung diseases. Stopping smoking reduces the risk of contracting all three - and of dying from burning the house down while inside!