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Now is the time to build a strong immune system

Updated: Feb 21

The next Great Artwork
The next Great Artwork

Your best defence against today’s and tomorrow’s global health threats is a strong immune system.

It was shameful that natural health practitioners, butchers and vegetable shops and stall were among the businesses shut down during the COVID-19 Lockdown, while supermarkets and liquor stores were kept open. Instead of stocking up on immune-boosting fresh foods, the rush was on for toilet paper, noodles, rice and confectionery, as well as grabbing heaps of coke and booze all in preparation for binge-watching on Netflix.

The message should have been loud and clear to firstly go for the fruits and vegetables and fresh milk, meat, eggs and other healthy foods.

GST should have been removed off fresh NZ-grown foods.

Although the threat of COVID-19 is not so immediate in New Zealand any more, now is the time to do everything you can to build your immune system in preparation for the next pandemics and the increasing daily threat posed by viruses, superbugs, environmental toxins and chronic diseases.

Mercury in our food chain, for example, is an increasingly pressing health issue that is largely going unnoticed but harming many people. As is arsenic. Then there are the superbugs that now infect most hospitals.

A healthy immune system does not necessarily prevent us from being affected by these nasties, but it can make the difference between it being a passing illness or a catastrophic health event, including death.

Here are a couple of articles that outline the simple and practical things you can work on now to help ensure that you and your family are ready for the next threat to your health:


Please read these articles about how to escape from our COVID19 Prison:

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