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Published: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines by WCH

Updated: Mar 21

The authorities have had two years to help New Zealand families prepare for this pandemic: Instead, they have done the opposite with negative health measures and unhealthy messaging, and by putting all of our eggs into a single basket - the mRNA vaccine which is neither safe nor effective. The consequence, two years on, is most people are less prepared to resist a viral infection than they were before this whole pandemic thing blew up.

Would you like fries with your jab?

The World Council for Health (WCH) has published a practical approach to home-based care for families. This is timely for New Zealanders, vaxxed and unvaxxed: vaxxed included because, let's face it, the jab does not work, and evidence is growing that it may actually weaken people's immune systems (more about this in another article coming soon).

The key to New Zealand getting through this pandemic with minimum deaths is effective home-based care. I'll say this: do not rush off to the medical clinic or the hospital if you think you are getting the flu, cold or COVID: Contact your doctor to let them know you are ill, but stay at home, and wait for advice; rest up, go to bed, take your vitamins, keep your airways clear and clean, and get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Whatever you do, unless directed by your doctor, do not go to medical clinics and hospitals where you risk infecting people who are frail and who are the ones we must protect while the pandemic runs its natural course.

The gift of Natural Immunity

Classic Greek Warrior

Stay at home, rest up and get over it. Have homemade chicken soup once your appetite returns. Once you are over it in 7-10 days you have enduring and broad natural immunity that protects your family and community by creating a collective condition called herd immunity: the virus will eventually die out or lose its potency. Your own natural immunity is the greatest gift you can give to others: your immunity protects those who are less robust than you. You become the sentinel warrior who protects the less robust people of your tribe. You are also better prepared to respond to the next viral variant that comes along and it looks like there will be more to come, and in next to no time. So, prepare now!

Your own natural immunity is the greatest gift you can give to others: your immunity protects those who are less robust than you.

Follow the WCH's guidelines, plus read the articles and guidelines I have written: These are all linked below. Most of what the WCH recommends is possible for you in New Zealand. If you are unsure about what to do, contact your doctor, or write to me and I'll see what I can do.

Help us all: Please share the WCH guide with your doctor. Hand them a copy.

Peering into the Looking Glass: what's in store for us next?

You will note there has been a subtle but very important change in the official COVID narrative: There is less messaging about avoiding the virus and more about preventing the collapse of a health system that suffers from appalling neglect in so many ways. I think this change of messaging is to prepare us for more restrictions, including more compulsory vaccines to come, perhaps when influenza re-enters New Zealand, anticipated this coming winter. Omroid will seem like "Kitty" in comparison to the next wave of influenza! You see, there is a pattern here and it points towards more impositions of needless pain, suffering, poverty and chaos, and I think this is a deliberate ploy to centralise control over us (more about this later in another article).

Did you know that between 70 and 80% of commercial accommodation in Rotorua is taken up by the homeless? Are you comfortable with this?

When to seek medical help

The WCH Guide includes advice about when to consult a doctor, thus you can do your bit to prevent the collapse of our creaking health system by taking greater responsibility for your own healthcare. Please take careful note: This guide is not about not going to the doctor; it is about making the right choices and decisions and there is a time when a person must consult a doctor: but not with every sniffle.

Download the guide here

Download PDF • 8.48MB

Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters are referred to in the WCH Guide. A pulse oximeter gives an added layer of safety for the person convalescing at home: If the readings are not stable and trending downwards, this is an early warning to contact your doctor to share the readings, or else to take yourself to the medical clinic or hospital.

These devices are inexpensive and can be purchased from a variety of sources in New Zealand. Along with a good quality blood pressure machine, a pulse oximeter may be a lifesaver, by these acting as early warning systems.

Here are two that I recommend:

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1 Comment

Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Mar 10, 2022

Great work Gary... again!

There is a very good interview of one of the world's leading authorities on this subject with MIT's Dr Stephanie Seneff that probably complements your article too. It really highlights the huge role our innate immune systems can play and highlights the dangers of the body having huge antibody responses to the virus but especially to these dangerous mRNA products.

This would be the best explanation I have ever seen explaining the mechanisms of how these mRNA products manifest in terms of adverse reactions, systemically compromising our immune systems, and also the outrageous generational risks they pose to health and reproduction.

... I have timelined/paraphrased the main points for quick and easy reference...

5:50 The host…

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