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Beware of Health Lies

Updated: Mar 24


We are being lied to when told the mRNA jabs and boosters save lives: According to accumulating evidence that can no longer be hidden or ignored, they do the exact opposite! The proof that these jabs are ineffective and unsafe is compelling. You'd think that everyone involved, from academics and medics to the Prime Minister, would come clean and say, "Sorry, we got it wrong, now let's do what we can to put it right". But, no, instead, they are doubling down on the lies, with even prestigious journals like the NEMJ doing their best to conceal the obvious: Natural immunity is our best defence for now and in the future.

Indeed, encouraging natural immunity is the way to get us out of this predicament. But instead, they will not even mention the phrase, natural immunity. Instead, they stick to their expensive one-size-fits-all solution: the jab. Their actions maim and kill people while destroying our economy and way of life. They are lying on so many levels it is now way beyond a joke. People are dying!

Here is an article which supports what I'm saying:

And please read these articles about the situation in New Zealand:

So, what would I do if I was in charge of the country?

Here are a few quick bullet points of what I would do:
  1. Scrap the vaccines.

  2. Scrap all mandates, including mask-wearing, especially for children.

  3. Tell the WHO, Bill Gates and WEF to go and get lost: This country does not need them and does not want them. I'd also go a step further and sue them for damages.

  4. End Government funding of privately owned media and restore the political independence of public broadcasting.

  5. Ban the advertising and marketing of pharmaceuticals to the public, such as television advertising of drugs.

  6. Allow doctors and other health professionals to prescribe what they understand is best for their patients, including drugs like Ivermectin.

  7. Organise an ongoing programme of scientific medical conferences to allow an open debate on the science and build consensus among health professionals, bureaucrats, politicians and the public on the best way forward.

  8. Invest billions in rebuilding hospitals and building new facilities in the provinces.

  9. Emergency train to build an army of doctors, nurses and other health workers.

  10. Form a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" with the powers to prosecute and compensate.

  11. Create an agency within ACC to care for the vaccine injured. This agency will give victims the benefit of the doubt as to the causation of their injuries: If ACC is to decline a claim, they must prove a vaccine did not injure a claimant. Currently, the onus is on the claimant to establish a connection between the vaccine and their injuries, which is nearly impossible.

  12. Encourage healthy people to get infected asap while protecting the vulnerable. While this is happening, free provision of the best combination of prophylactic treatments for the fit and the weak (nobody needs to die if doctors were allowed to do their jobs without interference).

  13. Offer every new Zealander the "Kiwi Pill", a multivitamin which includes vitamin D made from NZ-derived sheep wool lanolin.

  14. Blast the country with health messages and encourage grass-roots action to improve health and fitness, reduce obesity, etc.

  15. Introduce a sugar tax.

  16. Remove GST on fresh NZ fruit and vegetables.

  17. Reintroduce free milk in schools (Fresh whole milk delivered daily and not dead long-life milk).

  18. Reintroduce publicly funded health camps for children.

These measures are better than wasting billions of dollars on more boosters that do not work. Extra boosters will add to the cost of the excess deaths, injuries and damage to commerce which is now climbing towards a hundred billion. My plan is brilliant because it will prepare us to brush aside the next round of manufactured bioterrorism, such as money-pox, while improving every measure of population health.

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May 31, 2022

Well said Gary, you are of course 100%. However as far as the medical profession in this country are concerned I would round them up and charge them for crimes against humanity. They ALL know what these cell & gene therapies are doing to their patients and have not lifted a finger to stop it. The corruption in the medical area has been going on for years, as far as I am concerned Dr's are glorified drug pushers with no accountability. I have zero time for any of them. As for the MSM, so called politicians and half baked medical advisors, well I won't say what I would do with that lot, but I can say it would …

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
May 31, 2022
Replying to


I share your sentiments. I am waiting for the day when everyone involved in perpetrating these crimes against humanity are held to account, including being jailed. The deaths, maiming and the damage to every aspect of our society is unforgivable.

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