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Here's your Family Winter Health Hamper!

Updated: Apr 5

The Wuhan Bio-Weapon (WBW) is doing the rounds, and we can expect everyone to catch it eventually. Therefore, we need to prepare for these infections way ahead of time to ensure they are milder than they might otherwise be and recovery is quick and without complication.

Generally speaking, measures that prepare for catching viral infections also assist recovery.

Winter is on its way and what I fear is influenza sweeping through an exhausted and traumatised population. We are unprepared for influenza. An influenza outbreak may result in more lockdowns, compulsory Flu mRNA vaccines, and many deaths. We must prepare now by investing in health!

Ps: I'll refer to WBW as code for "You-Know-What" to avoid Big Tech shadow-banning my articles.


drink bottle

My Modified Metabolic Energiser Recipe drink

Get a big bowl, thoroughly mix the following powders, and store the mix in several sealed glass jars in a cool, dark place to keep it fresh (this mix will last a long time, depending on home many people are taking it).

Have 2-4 rounded teaspoons per day in a drink bottle, the higher amount if doing a lot of strenuous physical activity. Ideally, combine it with this refreshing, energising and detoxing water:

Eat the citrus peel rather than throw it out.

You may want to add a dash of this to your bottle of water (highly recommended):

For clearing and healing inflamed and congested lungs:

NAC and other ingredients (to a lesser degree) in the drink formula aid in clearing phlegm, as does Serrapeptase:

For reducing inflammation, expediting healing and recovery, plus immune support, and health in general

All of the above assist, but you may add these:

Chicken Soup

Have lots of chicken soup, homemade with turmeric, lentils etc. Make it from chicken frames that you can get for a few dollars. Simmer it for a few hours to extract the nutrients. Chicken soup is an excellent source of easily digested nutrients, including collagen. You can put it in plastic pots or bags to store in the freezer. This soup will gradually help restore your strength and vitality.

So, that's it for now, so long as a whole-foods diet supports supplementation and you get outside daily and exercise in the fresh air.


Ps: If you are in good health, you can be like me a be a bit of a slacker when taking these things, say most days, but who cares if you forget now and then or have a break now and then? However, suppose you are in poor health or concerned that you may be vulnerable to complications, or recovering slowly, then you must be consistent with taking these things.

The general rule of thumb is to be diligent until you feel you are in excellent health, then continue, although at a lower and more relaxed level, for at least another 8-12 weeks. After that, relax, but never quite let up with investing in your health.


If you have a few minutes to spare, please complete this survey by Auckland University:

The survey is focused on how residents of New Zealand feel about government, immigration, the media, the Covid response and other issues. It is important we know how people feel about these issues and my class is attempting to send out the survey to as many groups or people as possible we believe may be interested.

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Apr 04, 2022

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