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You're all going to die!

Updated: Mar 18

The Crow: a harbinger of death!

"This is nothing more than blatant scaremongering. It works, by the way. I have previously told you about friends who really believe that they are going to die in the next few weeks. I haven’t seen them recently, because they are hunkering down, waiting for the end… all in a town that has still not had a single case of COVID in 2 years."

By investing in health, and allowing doctors to treat a patient without bureaucratic and political interference nobody needs to die.

Warning: we must get this over and done with before winter and the flu season sets in, otherwise people may die needlessly. So let's get on with it.

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Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Feb 06, 2022

I ordered 6 cubic metres of wood for the log burner. It was going to be a ghastly job because they dump this stuff on your driveway. Back came an email letter telling me I would not be permitted to stand near the truck at delivery, and other Covid paranoia. Yes, a letter of instructions telling me where I could stand on my own property.>> I wrote back.

>> Please cancel the wood order, We do not trade with people displaying Covid psychosis. <<

This TV and controlled media-induced madness is strong. We are at war, and people like that are the enemy by their weakness, stupidity and complicity.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Feb 06, 2022
Replying to

Paul, good on you: do not comply. we all need to make this kind of stand. Find another supplier who has more than half a brain.

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