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Video Replay: "The Hero's Journey", by Lorraine Moller

Updated: Mar 29

The Greek God Mercury

"It was great fun to e-meet Lorraine, Gary. I like the big brother-little sister duo".


"Many thanks, Gary…inspirational.

The model makes so much sense……what a great experience today.

Do thank your young sister…..she is certainly giving back."


"Hi Gary

A big thank you for facilitating the opportunity to share 2 hours with your amazing sister. Her story is very inspirational. I loved the insights she shared, her words of wisdom and spiritual beliefs. In describing her journey, Lorraine found the words for me to identify with my own journey and recognise the Hero within me.

Given my history of high mercury levels being detected in my HTMA, I was interested in her reference to Mercury as her spiritual guide. Quite unrelated I am sure.

I feel a richer person having heard your sister’s story.

Thank you again."


We weren't going to offer replays of Lorraine's inspiring presentation on the mythical hero's journey, but the demand could not be ignored. So here it is!


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