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I've been thinking (while riding my bike)!

I went for my longest mountain bike ride in at least two months, and while doing so I got to do some healthy thinking. So, I took a few breaks during the ride to record some of these thoughts so I could share them with you later on. Here they are. Firstly, here is an introduction to the ride:

Just to remind you, here's what it was like in Freedomville while it existed. This spontaneous and organic event, which went on for three weeks was the Germophobe's worst nightmare!

So, what has been on my mind lately is this question: Where are all the dead and dying people from the "Super-Spreader" event on the grounds of Parliament a few weeks ago when thousands of Kiwis came and mingled freely with no masks, no social-distance ing and no jabs? The authorities were making a big song and dance about it while is was happening, but are now strangely silent. I wonder why?

I have a few thoughts to share about this super-spreader event in this video:

Let's get back to the ride; but, now, I have another thought that I must stop and record.

One of the most disturbing developments has been our betrayal by the 4th Estate (Mainstream Media - MSM) which, instead of holding Governments to account, have been turned into attack dogs to silence all sources of dissent. The latest MSM attack dog action was a scurrilous attempt last week to discredit and humiliate my friend Dr Guy Hatchard:

During this next leg I could not help but begin to think of the limitations of the "Narrow-Field Expert" and how these experts in everything have come to dominate and control our lives these days:

Neurones working overtime, I then decided to share a few thoughts about exercise and fat-burning since that was what I was doing during this bike ride:

And here are a few thoughts about calling upon Mother Nature to help keep ourselves grounded, mentally and physically, during these stressful times:

Here are a few finishing comments upon getting home, having earned a hearty meal and a rest:

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