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Wellington on a Good Day

Updated: Mar 21

If you wonder how I manage to keep sane and avoid attacks of anxiety and depression during these crazy times, I have in place a number of strategies, one of which I am sharing with you this evening.

I get on my bike or put on my running shoes and I "commune with Mother Nature", and what better Capital City in the world to do this than Wellington! Here are a few photos from my "sanity" bike ride yesterday afternoon.

bike view


oriental beach




South Coast

island bay

The view from our home (below).

While we are often tempted to move out of Wellington, we keep being called to stay. I wonder why? Do the photos give a clue?

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1 Comment

Mar 13, 2022

Yea, same thing happens to me...just when you swear you're gonna go, it puts on the most glorious day/week, you go to all those stunning places above, and you forgive it.... 🤣😂

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