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Gary Moller stuns onlookers with incredible performance at Masters Relay Champs!

Updated: Mar 8

"On reflection, the most impressive thing about the whole day is that Gary in his late sixties can tie his shoe while standing on one leg."

(Running Legend, Roger Robinson)

Yesterday was the annual running of the Masters Cross-country Relay Champs. After five years and two months of careful rehabilitation, my ankle was ready for action. It was some 20 years since I last ran this race. I was ready for action. And talk about a reunion of old-timers!

Our team got off to a good start despite one or two of us taking wrong turns. Nothing to do with age, by the way!

My team executed their lap transitions with lightning-fast efficiency.

It was with nervous anticipation that I prepared for my brilliant performance. My lap of Glory.

My turn for a glorious performance came due.

I was in the toilet. Blissfully sequestering might be the best description, unaware that my runner was already home, frantically searching for me!

Oh, well, so much for that one. I think I'll go hide under a rock. I might emerge for another crack at this relay in another 20 years from now.

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1 Comment

Mar 21, 2022

A spontaneous outburst of laughter is surely good for the soul!

Thanks for the hilarious retelling of this fun-filled event...the gathering of legends not anywhere near ready to be written off, or sent to the knacker's yard!

Glad you didn't stay " hiding under a rock ' since you wrote this post Gary ... your health expertise, common sense and encouragement has never been more important. ( Not forgetting your beautiful soulmate , Alofa, whose contribution is priceless. )

I'm going to add a photo of someone else who refuses to stop being active despite her age

...Johanna Quaas, ( nicknamed the gymnastics grandma ) at age 90.

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