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How are you doing, Gary?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I've had to take some time out from work and competitive sport. Let me explain why.

Time out with Alofa
Time out with Alofa: communing with Mother Nature!

In his book, "Mental Fitness", Dr Paul Wood (my Son-In-Law) explains how to build your mind for strength and resilience. Stress is good for the Mind and Body, but it must be delivered in carefully measured dollops like a well-structured physical conditioning programme. Pressure is good for us, but there is always a point where it becomes too much of a good thing!

In my opinion, Paul's book is essential reading for everyone these days.

Physical and mental stress breaks us down a little. However, as Paul explains, when followed with the right amount of rest, supported with good nutrition, we respond by growing more resilient. On the other hand, if stress comes at us from all over the place and without time for rest and recovery, our physical and mental breakdown is inevitable.

On pages67-69 of his book, Paul has a chart of stressors and their scoring by severity: the more points you get, the more likely you will become ill. For example, the death of a spouse is highest at 100 points then, in descending order, divorce, marital separation, jail, death of a close family member, and even getting married. Retirement is worth 45 points, and that is what I've been aiming for - you get the idea! If you get more than 300 points, there is an 80% chance that you will break down within the next year or two. Most of these may not be too bad and may represent times of growth; however, not too many all at once; thank you very much.