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Feedback from a relieved daughter

Updated: Mar 13

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"Good morning Gary,

I wanted to give you an update on my dad. It has been 15 days since he started drinking the smoothies and taking supplements.

I saw my dad last Saturday and was amazed to see that he had driven to pick up my brother from work! This is a huge improvement since he hasn't been able to drive for months.

Today, I video-called him and he was beaming with happiness. His family has noticed a significant difference in him. He has less brain fog, fatigue, and panic attacks already.

He is currently having one smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch, each with one raw egg.

He has an appointment with his doctor tomorrow to push for ACC to start the process.

His next step will be to stop smoking, but we are taking it one thing at a time. He is very positive and much happier now. Thank you so much for your help.

I will update you again soon.


(Published with permission)

Her father was accidentally poisoned and emotionally traumatised during an emergency while at work and has been extremely unwell for an extended time, and deteriorating to the point where his carers were becoming burnt out and exhausted with no hope left, and this was all happening despite his young age (I'm being rather vague here to protect their identities). Readers will appreciate the huge stress this kind of chronic and progressive ill-health places on families, with wives and daughters usually being the ones who shoulder most of the burdens of care. So, what did I do to help this encouraging turn of events?

We conducted a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), then followed our noses to balance the nutrients and detoxify organs such as the liver and kidneys. The Super Smoothie was used as the means to deliver the nutrients that we figured were necessary, not just to overcome and heal, but also to build strength and vitality. When we get things right, the response can be quick, although it is best to always think and act in terms of several months and, even in years for most conditions.

While wonderful initial results have been had in this case, our man is far from out of the woods and we must bear in mind that the restoration of health always has its ups and downs, similar to an investment in the share market. Time, patience, and a steady investment are what pay off.

For readers, I recommend the following articles as support material for this article and for people's own personal journey seeking excellent health:

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Unknown member
Jan 27

Hi Gary,

Nice story, and thank you for the link to your latest smoothie recommendation. Especially pleasing was how you linked to your new shop at What an impressive site landing I had when I clicked on the link to one of the ingredients (very professional look):

Bruce Thomson

p.s. your system still doesn't know how to attach my name to this blog comment. I'll keep working on it at my end.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jan 31
Replying to

Bruce, I am at a loss for a resolution, and WIX is not providing any assistance. Nonetheless, please continue to share your thoughts. I value your sharing of your expertise and understanding.

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