• Gary Moller

New Zealand blackcurrants improve athletic performance

"Prof Mark Willems describes why nutritional interventions were undertaken with New Zealand blackcurrant.

He expects that the findings on the effectiveness of New Zealand blackcurrant at rest and during diverse exercise modalities will contribute both to the growing interest in applications of functional foods in sport and exercise sciences and the future development of innovative sports nutrition products.

New Zealand blackcurrant has shown to be effective during exercise and recovery and is making headway as a new ergogenic aid with implications for active individuals enhancing the benefits of exercise performed for health, exercise training and competitive practice.

The future for berry intake by athletes seems to be bright. The scene has been set by New Zealand blackcurrant."

Professor Mark Willems, University of Chichester

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I have met Professor Willems and it would be fair to say that he is enthusiastic about NZ blackcurrant.

It is speculated that the reason NZ blackcurrant is so potent is because it is grown in UV intense sunlight, in regions like Nelson and Marlborough. The sun's intensity in these fertile regions is just about unlike anywhere else in the world. The plant adapts to the intense UV radiation by concentrating UV protective substances inside it's delicate berries. The protective compounds are such a dark red that the berries appear to be black! When we consume these berri