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Stress among Care-Givers

Updated: Feb 21

Old age care

Image: while care-giving has many rewards it can be exhausting and is under-valued by society.

My short stay in hospital last week reminded me of the stress that care-givers, including age-care workers, are often subjected to. My ward was full of elderly patients, most of whom were destined to require ongoing care of some kind upon discharge.

When I was studying rehabilitation the need to care for the care-giver came up during just about every module. Depression, anxiety, alcoholism, medication dependency, social isolation and financial distress are common within the care-giver community.

While the care-giver is usually a wife or daughter, I'd like to include the staff of aged-care institutions in this discussion. They provide an absolutely essential service for low pay and poor conditions of employment.

Whenever I'm assisting a person with chronic ill-health issues such as dementia, I always ask the person who is with them how they are coping? I emphasise to them that one of the best things we can do to assist the ill person is to ensure that we are caring for the care-giver. This inquiry has always been welcomed with relief and never once challenged.

We must care for the Care-Giver!

I'm grateful to Fawne Hansen for writing the following article about care-giver stress. Even if you are not directly a care-giver, few of us will not be dealing with this matter at come times during our lives, either as the receivers or the providers of care - or both.

Caregiver Stress: Remembering To Take Care Of Yourself

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