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Do you have any good information about Novavax?

(Updated 04/02/22)

Can you trust science? Not the official sources of truth in my opinion. You are better off trusting the courageous independent doctors and scientists who are sticking their necks out and risking everything, including their reputations and their livelihoods, and sometimes their lives. This opinion is supported by history:



Important disclaimer directed at the Thought Police and various other snoops during these times when people who hold unacceptable ideas get punished:

The following article is not medical advice, I'm merely sharing what I know with subscribers to my blog. They are sensible people who are able to think for themselves.


Since I first published this article more information has come to hand, as it does on a daily basis. I'd like to thank readers such as Bryce for sharing their personal research: keep it coming. COVID is a rapidly developing story with so many twists and turns that one's head may feel it is about to explode. I see my role in this sorry business as taking the ever-increasing mountain of confusing stuff and making it more comprehensible for the average person. I'll keep doing this for as long as I can until the men in black suits come knocking late at night. Censorship is alive and well: I have once again been banned from posting to Facebook which I take as a badge of honour

The enormous web that was and is being woven around this pandemic is history's most tangled: It is as if every aspect of humanity - life itself - is caught up in this horrific web of deceit.

"Hi Gary

Do you have any knowledge or places to find good information on the Novavax vaccine?

My husband is in the XXXX, which was mandated. He's held off so far on leave, but it's getting to the point where he needs to decide. It's a job he loves. We see Novavax is coming in a few months, so we want to get information to help determine what to do.

If you can guide me towards any good sources would be greatly appreciated.


(Name supplied)



Your husband is not alone, and he is a hero for holding out and at a high personal cost. These mandates are coercion: there is no other way to describe them. But, finally, people are wising up to the lies. They now realise they are injecting drugs that are neither safe nor effective, and they will not do it anymore.

So, my first piece of advice is to continue to hold out for just a little longer. My next bit of advice is to do what you can to push back against these mandates but not to the point of getting arrested.

The sooner those in charge are forced to admit they got it wrong and the lot fired, the sooner we can all get back to normal. If we do nothing, we can expect another two years of this insanity: 2022 already looks like it is a write-off no matter what we do. So, we must push back with increasing determination. Be encouraged: the pushback is underway and growing by the day. Lend your shoulders to the effort.

Is Novavax Safe?

Start your journey by having a thorough read of what you can find about Novavax on the internet: