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Do you have any good information about Novavax?

(Updated 04/02/22)

Can you trust science? Not the official sources of truth in my opinion. You are better off trusting the courageous independent doctors and scientists who are sticking their necks out and risking everything, including their reputations and their livelihoods, and sometimes their lives. This opinion is supported by history:



Important disclaimer directed at the Thought Police and various other snoops during these times when people who hold unacceptable ideas get punished:

The following article is not medical advice, I'm merely sharing what I know with subscribers to my blog. They are sensible people who are able to think for themselves.


Since I first published this article more information has come to hand, as it does on a daily basis. I'd like to thank readers such as Bryce for sharing their personal research: keep it coming. COVID is a rapidly developing story with so many twists and turns that one's head may feel it is about to explode. I see my role in this sorry business as taking the ever-increasing mountain of confusing stuff and making it more comprehensible for the average person. I'll keep doing this for as long as I can until the men in black suits come knocking late at night. Censorship is alive and well: I have once again been banned from posting to Facebook which I take as a badge of honour

The enormous web that was and is being woven around this pandemic is history's most tangled: It is as if every aspect of humanity - life itself - is caught up in this horrific web of deceit.

"Hi Gary

Do you have any knowledge or places to find good information on the Novavax vaccine?

My husband is in the XXXX, which was mandated. He's held off so far on leave, but it's getting to the point where he needs to decide. It's a job he loves. We see Novavax is coming in a few months, so we want to get information to help determine what to do.

If you can guide me towards any good sources would be greatly appreciated.


(Name supplied)



Your husband is not alone, and he is a hero for holding out and at a high personal cost. These mandates are coercion: there is no other way to describe them. But, finally, people are wising up to the lies. They now realise they are injecting drugs that are neither safe nor effective, and they will not do it anymore.

So, my first piece of advice is to continue to hold out for just a little longer. My next bit of advice is to do what you can to push back against these mandates but not to the point of getting arrested.

The sooner those in charge are forced to admit they got it wrong and the lot fired, the sooner we can all get back to normal. If we do nothing, we can expect another two years of this insanity: 2022 already looks like it is a write-off no matter what we do. So, we must push back with increasing determination. Be encouraged: the pushback is underway and growing by the day. Lend your shoulders to the effort.

Is Novavax Safe?

Start your journey by having a thorough read of what you can find about Novavax on the internet:

The WHO, for example:

Read this explanation about how the vaccine is manufactured and what the ingredients are, but bear in mind these two sources above and below are, in my opinion, tainted by powerful commercial and political interests but still interesting peruse :

I have no direct experience with this drug; there is plenty now with Pfizer. However, I am getting a good understanding of their common ingredient, the spike protein. The spike protein is a nasty beast, and it has no place within the human body. Crikey: it may cause Mad Cow Disease!

I can only speak for myself here: if I were to be force-vaccinated but had a choice of which one, I'd go probably go with Novavax and not Pfizer. I'll go down fighting, that's for sure. It is just not worth the risk. Read on and you'll understand why I'm staying away from this toxic stuff.

Neither of these vaccines is safe by any stretch of the imagination and we have no idea of the long-term consequences, including intergenerational harm: I have nothing but fear and concern. There is no good: Nothing but bad stuff. I must emphasise this. Please take half an hour to watch this brilliant doctor, Dr Richard Flemming who is one of your best, but not only, sources of truth (note what he has to say about Mad Cow disease, Heparin, and natural immunity among other things):

As an aside, from about 25 mins Dr Fleming explains how the vaccinated versus unvaccinated figures are manipulated to grossly inflate unvaccinated figures. Criminal!

Here's his website. Why would you ever listen to the experts our Government rolls out when they are so lightweight - so insignificant - when compared to people like Dr Fleming?

There is no good: Nothing but bad stuff. I must emphasise this.

I think Pfizer has two things against it that might make Novoavax slightly better out of the very bad, but, for the life of me, neither will go anywhere near my veins! These are:

  1. You get a measured one-off dose of spike protein with Novavax, whereas Pfizer tells your cells to make this poison, and in some people, they may end up making too much, and in the wrong place and for too long. But it is still a poison no matter the source.

  2. There is growing evidence that none of these drugs stays in the injection site and, despite claims to the contrary, there is increasing evidence that mRNA alters or damages DNA. We may not understand the consequences for years, but are we prepared to risk the future of the human species for the sake of non-protection against infection with a 99.9% survival rate, especially with our children? The answer is a big, fat NO! This is not negotiable.

There is evidence, as you will understand from Dr Fleming, that the spike protein in both of these vaccines may cause damage to genes, and even Mad Cow Disease, so keep a watch as this concern is better understood. Still, regarding genetics, Novavax might be a little safer, in theory, but these are all bad choices as far as I'm concerned, and must never go near a human being, or any other creatures for that matter.

It is not negotiable: Nobody messes with our genes!

Another thing about these spike protein vaccines is that immunity, if any, gained from injecting these things into your body gives a very narrow immune response. So when the virus mutates, as it always does, the limited immunity fails. On the other hand, naturally-acquired immunity, which we can not discuss openly or recognise, is different: It is broad and lasting. So when the virus mutates, the mutant child virus is more likely to be identified and killed off. That sounds a lot better to me. Furthermore, getting natural immunity is quick, easy, and free: It does not cost billions of dollars, nor does it cause thousands of heart attacks, strokes, reactivated diseases, miscarriages and the possibility of permanent damage to DNA.

There are safe and effective treatments for COVID-19, including the much-denigrated Ivermectin. Nobody needs to die from this virus if only our doctors were free to be educated in treatment protocols that are safe and effective and allowed to put them into practice. I've some articles on this coming up, including on Ivermectin. There are already dozens of articles on my blog about how to get out of this pandemic safely.

With Omricon, a milder-mannered mutant child, now in the country and being mid-Summer, now is the time we rush to herd immunity. Why leave it any longer until Winter is upon us and a more deadly variant is released upon us?

By the way, the official, permitted science is a complete ass: it is a joke!

The science is a clear: do not question!

So, back to your husband and what does he do with these mandates?

If I were him which I am not but you get the idea, here is what I'd do:

  1. Hold out just a little longer because there are signs the mandates are crumbling worldwide and even here in the Hermit Kingdom. He must be strong and assertive because bullies gain their energy from weakness.

  2. He must keep a paper trail no matter what he decides to do. If he must leave his job, it must be in writing that he is being forced out. Later, when this is all over he can seek justice, including an apology, reinstatement and compensation for losses including humiliation.

  3. If he must take the jab to return to work because of no choice financially, he must issue his employer a warning under the Health and Safety Act. Learn all about it here:

  4. Prepare right NOW for either the vaccine or getting the infection naturally. Do not delay and ensure the rest of the family prepares as well: The longer the investment in preventive measures, as outlined in the articles above, the greater the resistance and resilience to harm.

  5. Talk politely to people, including workmates, and question why they must wear a mask if they are vaccinated, question the science: that sort of thing.

  6. Do not comply at every opportunity, so long as you do not get arrested.

  7. Support those businesses that take a relaxed approach to mandates and definitely support those that do not require you to show your identity papers.

  8. Join the freedom organisations (there are several) who are fighting on your behalf, donate if you can and go along to protests.

  9. Write to Members of Parliament, the Union and anyone else you may think of and challenge them on their stance and ask them to support you and all the hard-working Kiwis who only want the best for their families and community.

We may feel alone and unsupported at times and the Government is doing all it can to make us feel this way, but we are far from alone: the number of people standing tall and strong is more than they are telling and they know it. People are waking up to the Government's lies and deception. Thousands of people have been hurt by these vaccines and people are now talking openly about them. The harm to friends and relatives can not be hidden forever. This growing awareness will show in the numbers refusing to get the boosters and opposing the mandates.

Hold strong and if your husband gives in to the pressures upon him it does not mean all is lost or that he is against us: we are a small country and we are all in this together.

United we stand - Divided we fall.

Dig the fashion, Cats:

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Bruce Thomson
Bruce Thomson
Feb 03, 2022

Thank you Gary,

I'd like to recommend the following to your audience:-

Again, thanks.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Feb 03, 2022
Replying to

Hi Karen, You point out some obvious gaps in our preparations.

One area I have been very reluctant to drift into is treatment details. Doing so might result in me being shut down and possibly having a late night visitation by men in dark suits.

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