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Fatal Risk: Health and Safety Advice for Employers and Employees

(Updated 27/01/22)

When this pandemic is over, there will be prosecutions. Thousands of people have lost or had disrupted their jobs, businesses, incomes, careers, education, reputations, and, for many, their homes and some, their loved ones from suicide. Furthermore, countless New Zealanders have suffered harm from vaccine side effects, with the worst of these yet to come.

When this outrage is over, thousands of people will seek justice, including the punishment of the leaders, perpetrators, and collaborators who were party to the enormous harm still being done. In addition, people will seek compensation for losses, including for needless pain and suffering. They will seek reinstatement and apologies from the perpetrators of this harm. For some, the damage to their health and their children may require lifelong assistance.

My first message to everyone who is in any way adversely affected: keep a paper trail! When it comes to obtaining justice, you must have a paper trail.

Pen wrote:

"Could not agree more. My own paper trail is well-organised and up to date. All lying in wait for the day I know I'll need it. And another tip is to ensure conversations are recorded (Zoom and MSTeams meetings can be recorded as they go but you will need to let all participants know it). Failing that, take copious notes of any conversations and write them down immediately following the meeting. Distribute them as a formal record of the meeting if you can so that no-one can pipe up and say "that's not what I said" later on when it matters. All this is so critical."

My second message to anyone thinking of quitting their job due to mandates: do not quit! If you are going to lose your job, make them force you out and document every step of the way.

It beggars belief the way those running this show have mismanaged this pandemic. Those responsible for this fiasco will pay for their arrogance and incompetence. It is not a question of if there will be justice but when. Many will go to jail, some for life and rightfully so. We might need to put an offshore island aside for this.

In this video below, Andy Oakley, a 40 year veteran of health and safety policies in a large mechanical company, offers advice regarding Covid-19 mandates. Unfortunately, many corporations and workplaces are mandating Covid vaccines without first completing an appropriate and effective risk analysis. Mandating workplaces like this is illegal in most countries. This presentation helps employers make good health and safety decisions, thus avoiding the possibility of legal action.

Company directors and managers: don't tell us we did not warn you!

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