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Anti-Ageing, or Healthy Ageing?

Updated: Mar 26

Jon Muller

I could not tell you how many times I get an invite to a webinar, online summit, or to review the latest and most fantastic products about anti-ageing. However, I've turned them all down - so far. Let me explain why.

Anti-Ageing is usually code for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and even things like injecting the plasma extracted from young people! It sounds like vampirism: Wealthy elite sucking on healthy but poor young people selling their blood for $50 a bag. I understand this is increasingly popular in places like Silicon Valley. However, I find both of these morally objectionable and unhealthy over the long term, if used for vain people who are otherwise in good health.

HRT may be necessary for a minority of medical conditions but not for an otherwise healthy person who feels the ravages of time and neglect, plus a dash of ageing. For this second group, HRT is a deal with the Devil, which means there is payback later on, usually in the form of the symbolic pound of flesh. Sure, one's hormones and neurotransmitters may be struggling due to lifestyle, nutrition and toxin factors, but this does not mean that one must immediately resort to replacement therapy by an external source, even if the replacement is bioidentical. When you replace something manufactured from within with an external supply, the already struggling internal systems become more dysfunctional. There is no credence to the claim that any hormone replacement gives the failing organs a rest. In practice, the opposite is true: the organs further weaken and may shut down completely, creating a progressive state of dependency, better known as addiction. This may be good for Big Pharma and the Anti-Ageing specialists, but bad for you!

Anti-Ageing Therapies: Younger today - Much older tomorrow!

I prefer to promote the concept of Healthy Ageing. Healthy Ageing consists of several strategies, which I list as follows, beginning during childhood and never letting up until it is time to meet your Maker, in no particular order:

  1. A diverse and nutrient-dense diet whole foods diet.

  2. Identify and avoid the ever-increasing number of environmental toxins such as chemicals, lead and arsenic.

  3. Simple but effective methods to aid detoxification of metabolic and environmental toxins.

  4. Regular, whole-body exercise.

  5. Time out from modern living for rest and recovery and being one with Nature.

  6. Identify and support one's organ systems that decline with age.

  7. Identify emerging health risks and be at least 20 years ahead of the diseases.

There's a lot to cover here, so I'll touch on only the last two here.

Identify and support one's organ systems that decline with age.

Supporting organ systems as we age is not what anti-ageing proponents understand. Instead of assisting organs such as the testes or the adrenals to work better, they arrogantly seek to take over their functions with external hormones and drugs. On the contrary, Healthy Ageing consists of nurturing organ systems, so they work optimally during whatever stage of life you may be at, be it for reproduction, physical battle, combating infection, recovering from a serious injury, or whatever else life throws your way.

If you don't use it on average 2-3 times a week it will gradually shrink and weaken: This is a rule that applies to all bodily systems and processes.

Identify emerging health risks and be at least 20 years ahead of the diseases.

We all die, but will it be peacefully at 110 years, or much sooner and miserably? Unless you get run over by a bus, degenerative diseases, including autoimmune ones, are the main things that stand between you and enjoying a long and healthy life. What is unique about these diseases is they take many years to develop to the point where the medical system hits the Big Red Button. Unfortunately for you, by the time medicine raises the alarm, it is far too late, with the only solutions being surgery, drugs and other harsh treatments. A far better strategy is identifying the tiniest of risk factors 20 years ahead of time and implementing countermeasures to either eliminate or neutralise each one. It works, but this requires constant vigilance with regular testing to identify emerging risk factors and daily application of healthy countermeasures.

You wouldn't run your business without an accounting system, would you? So how about one for your health?

A profitable business must have a modern accounting system. The same idea applies to your health, so I'll ask you where the accounting system for your health is? The accounting system I use is the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) which I repeat every year or so or when there has been a significant change in my health and fitness. Compared to the earlier one going back 20 years, the latest test gives me clues as to what has happened deep inside my body. It, therefore, gives me direction about what to do next in terms of exercise, relaxation, and nutrition, including supplementation. All I can say about this accounting system (HTMA) is it delivers excellent results for thousands of other people and me, and it saves money by cutting out waste that happens with blind, hit and miss therapies, ones that are too late in the game.

The person who succeeds with a long and healthy life is the one who patiently and methodically plugs away at life's obstacles of which there are many, and begins well before the molehills become mountains.

So, rather than give you a blind cookie-cutter programme to stay fit and healthy throughout your life, I recommend ordering the HTMA. Actually, the best time to do this first test is when you are healthy to establish a "health baseline", then meet with me, identify where work is needed to stay healthy, get into it, and repeat the test in 6-12 months and take it from there.

Here is the test and consultation to order:

So why not take the opportunity while I'm still around?

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