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Invest early in your health!

Updated: Mar 4

An Organic Cow relaxing in an Organic Field
An Organic Cow relaxing in an Organic Field

I've often jokingly advised people not to consult a nutritionist, but to see a rural vet if they want expert advice about nutrition. Better still, go see the farmer who wins the AMP Show ribbons for his/her prize animals. There is a good deal of truth in this.

As a young man, I worked on South Waikato farms, harvesting hay, making silage and milking cows. I learned to appreciate that an excellent farmer loves his animals and does everything possible to keep them in good health. This includes not stressing the animals, ensuring lots of good grass and supplementation, principally as minerals.

An excellent book to read on this topic is by champion sheep breeder, Brown Trotter. You can purchase his book as an E-Book here for a few dollars:

Animals, unlike bumbling humans, instinctively know what's good for them. One of my jobs was to shift the block of pink salt from one paddock to the next. The animals self-supplemented by licking the salt block when they felt the need. I learned animals thrive on fresh, nutrient-dense diets. They do not thrive on whacky or depleted diets. Neither do humans.

Healthy animals deliver profits for the farmer. The animals produce high-quality milk, conception and birth rates are higher and the price at the gate is excellent for the farmer. Indirectly, I learned more about nutrition by working on the farms than I did during my years at university.

Unlike animals which self-medicate daily with minerals and fresh grass to keep in excellent condition, humans eat crappy food most of the time, while stressing themselves to High Heaven. It is only when they get sick and rush off to the doctor and dose up to the eyeballs on things like zinc and vitamin C in the vain hope these will help - what a waste of time! This is far too late. No wonder natural health remedies don't work.

Excellent health, including resistance to all diseases, infectious and degenerative, comes from the daily investment in one's health, over one's lifetime. Healing to full recovery is faster and better, regardless of one's age.

People who invest in their health this way usually have little or nothing to fear from infections, including the one that has sent all of humanity (not quite all!) into a frenzied state of terror.

A wise person recently said this:

"So minerals, vitamins, whether in supplements or good food choices, a Government that will listen to up-to-date dietary advice to help us make the right choices and an emphasis on getting a healthy immune system would seem more important now."

Here is an interesting video about how junk food affects our brains and physical health.

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