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Please complete this survey

Updated: Mar 26


I got an email from Ryan, who is the son of some friends:

"I have recently started some postgraduate study at the University of Auckland (enrolled in a Masters of Conflict and Terrorism) and am seeking participants for an online survey for a politics paper I am doing. The survey is focused on how residents of New Zealand feel about government, immigration, the media, the Covid response and other issues. It is important we know how people feel about these issues and my class is attempting to send out the survey to as many groups of people as possible we believe may be interested.

The survey is completely anonymous, should take no more than three to four minutes to complete and you can enter the draw for a $50 prize. Would you be happy to participate in the survey yourself or send out a link to the survey to those in your network who you believe might be interested?"

This is a one-off per person, but the link will work for anyone using a different computer, so please pass this article and link on to others, thank you!


Hmm - a Masters of Conflict and Terrorism - what next shall we study? When I was a student, we could count the number of options on all fingers.

I have completed the survey myself and found the questions thought-provoking, so that's a good start. Please take a few minutes to complete it, and pass it around your network. Let's make Ryan's survey a huge success! It is partly a numbers game so let's help with that. And let's hope that a robust result will stimulate academic and academic debate about what makes New Zealand and where we are heading.

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