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How can ordinary people do such terrible things?

Updated: Mar 21

"We are innocent: We were just following orders".

"Stanley Milgram, a Yale University psychologist, conducted a series of famous experiments that tested whether “ordinary” folks would inflict harm on another person after following orders from an authoritative figure. Shockingly, the results suggested any human was capable of a heart of darkness."

When it comes to the Holocaust and other acts of genocide, such as Rwanda, I keep hearing people say things like, "Those places and circumstances were very different back then; that kind of thing will never happen in New Zealand".

I am an avid student of modern history, and I'm beginning to have my doubts that New Zealand is still a safe and harmonious place to be living in, or should I say, I have my fears. The evidence is clear and bountiful: Ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinarily evil things, and it can happen in an instant. There is no doubt of that. What really got me worrying about this was the events that happened on the grounds of Parliament on the Wednesday of 2nd March. What happened that day was an eye-opener (I was there observing and filming from 6 am through to 7 pm when it was all over):

While both sides were actually quite restrained during the altercation of the day, what terrified me was the power the police had at their disposal in police numbers and weaponry in the form of riot gear, knuckle-duster gloves, tear gas, sonic cannons and rubber bullets. Actually, that was not what terrified me; what terrified me most was some police officers, who could easily have been our relatives, were keen to dish out the bash, and all they needed was the order from higher up to let loose. You could see it; they were ready to let loose, if only!

Another scary thing has been the vile verbal attacks on the protesters, with one MP referring to us as a "river of filth" and people who should know using words such as "vermin" and "feral". These words dehumanise us and, along with measures such as vaccine passes, they create a sub-class that becomes ready for extermination. Sure, many people will argue this is a ridiculous thing to say, and it will never happen in NZ, but history is not on that side of the argument. When an authority figure says things like what follows in the next video, we know we are heading for trouble:

Why should we condemn this sort of talk? Because it is grooming ordinary citizens so that they might willingly do horrific things later, all with the defence that they were following orders from a higher authority. One scenario for things going terribly wrong is the fall-out that will come as cases of vaccine harm and deaths accelerate and mount, and can no longer be hidden. My fear is the politicians and their advisers who are responsible for the vaccine-induced carnage that is unfolding before us will blame those who refused vaccination. As irrational as this may seem, rationality does not come into this anywhere; blind rage, with a dressing of stupidity, takes control.

Please take an hour to listen to the podcast below, which proves my case. If you are not already familiar with this case, it is jaw-dropping.

In 2004, a scam call came through at a Kentucky McDonald’s. The caller pretended they were a police officer, instructing the manager to conduct a strip search on an employee Louise Ogborn they suspected of stealing from a customer. This resulted in three and a half hours of humiliating actions leading to sexual assault, imprisonment and million-dollar lawsuits.

Over 70 similar calls were reported around the United States before the culprit was apprehended.

This is the insane story of the strip search phone call scam:

So, if you think this kind of thing, or worse, including genocide, could never happen in Godzone NZ, with our united "Team of Five Million", I urge you to think twice. We must take steps to reconcile our differences and unite this fractured society. If any person in authority says and does things that add fuel to the fires that are now ignited and smouldering within our communities and families, they must be immediately reprimanded and best removed from their position.

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Brian Stewart
Brian Stewart
Mar 30, 2022

An explanation of the behaviour you saw could relate to parenting. The Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler said that by age 5 or 6 children know who they are, what their world is like, and have some rules to live by. These things make up a style of life. Adler said styles of life can range from positive to negative, but to change a style can require longterm psychotherapy.

One of your early posts at the protest was critical of the behaviour of some. We're these the ones at the end in a pitched battle with police? There some there who had a criminal style of life, and they were probably the ones police focused on.

For an entertaining read on…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Apr 04, 2022
Replying to

I'll be posting some video soon of the violence on the last day of the occupation which shows provocateurs stirring up the crowd. Until now I have been digesting what went on that day and also doing a little grieving.

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