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Updated: Marc Malone speaks with NZ Farmers on AGENDA 2030: The Replay

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

(Updated 7 April 2022)

Begin by watching this two minute video:

and this one:

Here is a PDF file of the slides from Marc's presentation:

NZ Presentation 3_31_22
Download PDF • 2.86MB

Here is the replay for those who missed yesterday's seminar with Marc Malone:

Watch this as well:


“The Government I’m proud to lead is doing something not many other countries have tried. We’ve incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policymaking.”

-Jacinda Ardern

September 25, 2019

Join us on March 31 @ noon

Watch and listen as Oxford Philsopher Marc Malone breaks down UN Agenda 2030 for NZ Farmers.

-What is Agenda 2030?

-How will it affect farmers

-Will it affect my family and me?

-Why are they pushing for sustainable development?

-What is sustainable development?

-How is it implemented?

-Can we do anything about it?

Join Marc and our Farmers, along with special guests, as we discuss the devil that lurks in the details and offers solutions to take our country back.

Here is the link for the live broadcast, which begins midday Thursday:

Also, see the latest press release from Marc's latest work:


A message from Mark Thornton:

Good Morning to you all,

Firstly, thank you to all who popped on last night, even if it was just for a few minutes. The technical team got to see how everything will run and were happy with the end result.

All the behind-the-scenes stuff that we don't get to see is very important. So thank you.

Please see below the link for the public to attend:

Please share this with any and all friends that want to understand the nature of these UN initiatives.

We also have a Telegram channel:

And Facebook:

And Instagram:


A few people had questions around the structure of the seminar.

The structure of the seminar will go as follows:

-Opening with. Jacinda Ardern quote from The Goalkeepers conference, with Bill and Melinda Gates present on stage, re: NZ being on track with Agenda 2030.

-I will briefly introduce everyone for brevity. When you hear your name, give us a wave. Happy days.

-I will do a monologue to set the stage for our talk

-Marc will tell us about himself, his credentials and what has happened in his life to inform his worldview.

-Marc will identify the Agenda with supporting evidence (I will note any names/organistaions/historical-moments that he drops for people to verify themselves i.e Sibigniew Brzezinski, Tri-Lateral Commision)

-Marc will riff his way through how we got here, touching on, as mentioned, historical analysis, trauma and behavioural conditioning, Sustainable Development, how to identify these policies, climate science, and weaponization of science etc.

-Marc will touch on ESG and the vaccine passport system/ID2020

-Marc will bring it to what he is doing now at America21 which should be instructive to our people on how we may proceed forward.

-Closing out his main talk with solutions and a look at what the future may hold, should we want to pursue it.

Everyone will be muted during Marc's presentation...

-We will then go into questions.

How we will do this is..... Organically. As much as I'd like to have a very slick and polished approach, there's something to said about authenticity.

So I will field questions from each group and you'll be divided up as follows.

-Farmers: (Rob, Hamish, Scott, Logan, James, Jaspreet, Sandra, Opae, Derek, Phil)

-Public figures: (Jaspreet, Gill, Tane, Sue, Chantelle, Matt, Brad, Logan)

-New Media: (Chantelle, Qurious, Glenn & Stacy, Adam, Tane, Brad)

-Political: (Sandra, Rob, Sue, Matt)

-Health and Wellness (Tracy, Ximena, Gary, Mishaela, Shiree)

**We are going to be fielding questions from the public through Telegram Chats, shall we come up short (I doubt we will)

** Some of you have appeared in two camps and that's fine as I believe you represent these and the floor is open to you more so.

** Please use this opportunity to ask a question as concisely and thoughtfully as possible (economy of words).

** Helpful hints for homework beforehand is:

-ESG (environment, social, governance scoring) a corporate scheme that'll seep in so as to condition behaviours in the corporate sphere first. Corporate will do the heavy lifting just as it did with the mandates.


-Local initiatives (think Auckland 2050.. no doubt is riddled with UN policy)

-Jacindas ties to the World Econonmic Forum

-The removal of economically viable energy (marsden point)

-SNA's initiatives

-Three waters

-Electric vehicles

** Lets stay away Opinion and divisive issues such as Vaccines, Media, Trump (lol), Police brutality. These are 'no- brainers' and we want to cover the more Meta level, big picture stuff of how NZ , and the world will be impacted.

** Most importantly. Have fun. Don't be shy to show that Kiwi warmth and humor. Marc is a great guy and isn't above common folk at all.. after all WE, the common folk will need to fix this mess.


Feel free stay in and chat for another 20-30 minutes if you feel. It may be a good opportunity to get down to brass tacks on NZ specific issues and get the ball rolling an action plan and for people to connect.

This will be recorded for all to share and do with as they see fit. Will Send an invite to the Zoom attendees separate from this email. Huge thanks to you all. Regards, Mark


Some additional comments by Gary:

This seminar is so important - be ready to have your minds blown by Marc Malone!

Two years ago, Agenda 2030, as promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), and their talk about the "Great Reset" was dismissed as a conspiracy theory. However, it is no longer a theory, it is a conspiracy, and the conspiracists are now out in the open about their plans for the globe, including New Zealand. Actually, I think New Zealand has a key role in the WEF's plans, and our farmers are a barrier that needs to be removed for these plans to advance. No doubt, Marc will explain.

Here's my speculative take on one of several reasons why New Zealand is so important to their plans:

The intention of those behind the WEF is to collapse the economies of the West, cause incomprehensible chaos, including the possibility of outright war, and collapse populations by as much as 90%. I'm not kidding; this is what they are talking openly about nowadays - this is no longer a secret, and it is underway. Other plans include capturing the world's assets by the elite one per cent who are behind the WEF, including all of the arable lands and water. A few elites will own the farmland, and we will stay alive by eating artificial meat grown from soy. What is not arable will be forest, as is already happening in New Zealand.

Why is New Zealand so important for this takeover? First, I think New Zealand is one of the "Bolt Holes" or sanctuaries for the elite to hide in while the chaos of the Great Reset engulfs the world. Then, when the chaos dies down, they can emerge from the safety of their New Zealand estates, and they will own everything. Actually, I think New Zealand will be one of the centres for the New Beginning: It will be a society governed by a few elite people with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). So new Zealand will be critical, as might Australia, if the Northern Hemisphere remains hostile to human life for too lo