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Almost all you need to know about copper and health

Do you want to know how copper influences your health? Watch this video:

A client who has been struggling with heart and related health issues wrote me this ( Reproduced with permission):

"Hi Gary

I just wanted to give feedback on the body since taking the copper.

There has been a 90% improvement in joint pain since starting the copper; even the knee and ankle are now much improved.

Thank you very much for your wisdom; not sure where I would have been without your advice.

If I don’t get to see you before you leave for Europe, good luck and travel safely.


Here is his latest hair tissue mineral analysis, and note the low copper (Cu):

HTMA showing low copper
HTMA showing low copper

Note the low copper in the HTMA below of a person diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis:

HTMA rheumatoid arthritis

Here's another example below of low copper associated with autoimmune conditions:

HTMA autoimmune conditions

Here is an example of copper toxicity:

copper toxicity


Supporting articles and websites:





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