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Why the War on Cancer is a Failure

Updated: Mar 8

I received this letter a few days ago:

Hi, Gary, I just wanted to update you and say thank you.

I take the vitamins you provided although less frequently than before. These are going well.

I first saw you 2 years ago after my last colonoscopy where I had many polyps removed and more growing. The fantastic news is that I just had the repeat colonoscopy on Monday and instead of 20-40 polyps there were only 10 small polyps! They appear to non-cancerous like the others but we await the lab results. Because the number of polyps has significantly decreased, I did not need to have a discussion about surgery on my colon (I was not keen for this; I am only 29!).

There is no definite explanation for the polyps being there in the first place but I feel the help you have provided in improving both my digestion and my overall health (my energy levels are so much better than they were 2 years ago!) has undoubtedly been a positive factor. So thank you.



Let's focus on cancer, although we can equally apply the following ideas to diseases such as heart disease, dementia arthritis and osteoporosis.

I remember US President Richard Nixon's announcement in 1971 of his "War on Cancer". He poured money and the best scientist to come up with the "Cure" in just a few years. It was a big announcement. If we can take a man to the moon and back, we can cure cancer. Trillions of dollars and a lifetime later, there is no cure, just more treatments and all at substantial cost to you and me. The War on Cancer has been an utter failure. There is more cancer than ever, not less. How come?

Confusing Prevention with Treatment and Cure

Prevention and treatment are not the same: they are very different. What may prevent may may not treat and what may treat may not cure.

Confusing Screening and Early Detection with Prevention

Detecting a disease is not prevention. The horse has bolted. While early detection gives hope, the horse has still bolted.

Confusing Symptoms with Disease while ignoring Root Causes

Other than for infections or being run over by a bus, disease mostly results from cellular dysfunction. The causes may be many, such as exposure to a toxin, radiation, chronic nutrient imbalances, excesses or deficiencies, excessive stress, excessive over or under-exercising and the mere process of getting old.

Cellular dysfunction expresses itself by what we call symptoms. In one person the same dysfunction may express as dementia, as heart disease in another, cancer or arthritis in another. We may have the same disease, but with a different expression.

What works to prevent bowel cancer is probably good for your heart and your brain. And good for your bones.

A resilient person is a healthy person.

Cancer is a massive multi-billion dollar industry

This confusion may be deliberate, or it may result from ignorance and stupidity, or a combination of these. The effort in the War has been to develop treatments, not cures. Or partial cures, just to keep us in the game and not to rebel and say, "enough is enough!"

Cupcakes for Cancer: the image says it all - madness!
Cupcakes for Cancer: the image says it all - madness!

Prevention has received scant attention. There is no money in prevention. The big money is in screening and treatment. Real prevention is bad for business. Healthy people do not need drugs or high-value surgery.

What comes before Cancer?

Have you ever wondered this? Where did that nasty disease like cancer come from? Was it from a rogue gene? The experts would like you to think this and not think about real Root Causes. There is no money in Root Cause medicine. It will not make another billion dollars for the Suits sitting at the boardroom table in Manhattan.

Healthy people are the enemy!

When a person is diagnosed with a precancerous condition, like intestinal polyps, what are they told? Nothing other than to eat a good diet, whatever that is, and come back in a year or two for another examination. There is no meaningful treatment until there is the diagnosis of cancer, then it is full-on! This is shocking health-care. It sure isn't prevention.

Chronic Inflammation - the Root of all Evil

Think about it: before the polyps in the bowel and colon, there was inflammation. For years, decades, the bowel was constantly irritated and inflamed. Think about it. Before the breast cancer, there were years of monthly breast inflammation. Before the prostate cancer, there were years of inflammation of the gland. Before ovarian cancer, there were years of monthly ovarian pain. Before lung cancer there were years of smoking.

The sun gives life; whereas sunburn (inflammation) gives cancer. Chronic viral inflammation precedes cervical cancer. Think about it. You do not have to be a cancer specialist to understand this. All you need is a little functioning grey matter between your ears and you have plenty.

The toxicity of ongoing inflammation may be what throws the Big Switch of a bad gene, causing its unwanted expression. Not every woman with the breast cancer gene gets breast cancer. There must be something powerful enough to throw the switch. The activator is probably going to be inflammation.

Big Hit Cures seldom cure anything

The Big Hit Cure is medical madness, be it chemotherapy, chopping out a diseased thyroid, or giving a monthly mega-dose of Vitamin D. Human Beings are delicate creatures. We are like that beautiful potted flower on your balcony. If it is beginning to wilt, and develop rust what do you do? You will:

  • Carefully remove the depleted soil from its roots and replace it with a fresh potting mix.

  • Mix in a fertiliser specially formulated for potted flowers. Just enough - not too much, not too little.

  • Place it in the sun but out of the wind.

  • Gently water it, just enough each day to meet its needs.

  • Sing to it!

Would a market gardener ever give a month's worth of water and nothing between and still expect a bumper crop? Would a farmer force his cows to run a marathon, or starve them between milkings because they are failing to produce enough milk? Of course not! So, why do we do this to people?

You can't beat a person into good health!

If we were serious about winning the War on Cancer, we would:

  1. Identify every child and young adult with any hint of digestive distress and figure out non-medical solutions, such as providing fresh, home-cooked, chemical-free and nutrient-dense food.

  2. Place a penalty tax on sugar and junk foods (food-like substances), similar to those for tobacco and alcohol.

  3. Remove taxes on fresh produce.

  4. Promote healthy eating, including teaching children how to cook using wholesome ingredients.

  5. Introduce effective measures to reduce poverty and inequality in New Zealand.

  6. Reduce working hours to 48 or less for all workers while ensuring wages provide a livable income.

  7. Improving our living environments, our towns and cities, so they are people-friendly, family and community-building.

  8. Encourage naps during the day and even bring back the Siesta.

  9. Get children away from their screens and into the Great Outdoors to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Strengthen their constitutions. Being at one with Mother Nature is good for health.

  10. Remove toxins from our environment such as stopping nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, cadmium and arsenic getting into our food and water. We need to end our love affair with arsenic-treated soft woods.

The Government listens to Narrow Field Technocrats, industry lobbyists, and wealthy donors, while ignoring the cries of the people and the wise words of the experts who understand the basics of health promotion. They either know nothing about Root Cause Prevention, or prevention is their enemy. All they know, or want to promote, is the Big Hit Pharmaceutical Solution, or high-value screening programme and surgery. The failed War on Cancer is proof enough that they are misguided. They are not working in our best interests - only theirs.

Fire them all. That would be a good start. All of us, including our leaders, must first acknowledge that the current approach to health is a failure. Come on, let's admit it - we got it wrong! Very wrong! The way we are dealing with poor health, including this Pandemic, is costing an enormous amount of money with the outcomes being poorer health, more misery and many unnecessary deaths.

Unless there is a revolution, change is going to be glacial at best. Do not wait. Take action now by investing in the health of yourself, your family and your loved ones. Starve Big Pharma and Big Medicine by staying fit and healthy. Tell your MP's to get real and to stop perpeptuating the lies. It is time to invest in health and no longer in disease.

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Megan Ward
Megan Ward
15 may 2021

The cupcake photo is indeed brilliant. It speaks to the idea that illness is the result of bad luck, and that appropriate responses are gestures of sympathy for being a victim of such bad luck. That all practical steps to be taken are the responsibility of registered professionals, not onesself or one's family and friends. In a framework of all responsibility on the doctors and none on ourselves, even discussing ideas like the impact of diet on cancer can be taken as rude and inconsiderate. There's a fine and generally unexamined line between responsibility and blame, and unexamined fear of blame naturally leads to avoidance of responsibility.

Me gusta
Megan Ward
Megan Ward
15 may 2021
Contestando a

Well to be honest, I can take just about any stimulus in the direction of the fine line between blame and responsibility, and pink ribbon cupcakes are as good as any.

Me gusta
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