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The best investment you can ever make is in your own health

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

One of my clients wrote this:

I had decided this year to invest in my health. Moving into my late 50s my health was ok, but I had for some time been living with just a general feeling of unwell ness. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, if anything I just knew I could live better.

I was often fatigued, particularly in the afternoons, and with regular head cold-like symptoms that never really became a head cold. I just wasn’t right. I was also on medication for prostate problems. A couple of years ago, I started to have flow issues. I was up regularly during the night and during the day I always needed to pee, or I was thinking about needing to pee.

My Dr had prescribed medications I didn’t really question and although at the start they seemed to help I never really knew if it was helping or if there were any downsides to what I was taking.

It turns out there were.

When I decided it was time to get healthy, I looked around and made Gary my “health coach”. I started by taking the HTMA test to get a read on where I was at. Gary he explained the results and made some recommendations about where to start this journey, he was also very clear that my best approach was to treat this health journey as a long game, there are no overnight cures.

As I followed Gary’s recommendations I noticed fairly quickly, I was having better energy, better recovery from exercising and my general feeling of unwell ness became a general feeling of feeling well.

What I hadn’t expected was trusting the process and deciding to stop taking the prostate medication (because of its downside effects) I found flow much better, in fact after 2 years of sitting I was standing to pee, I also lost the constant needing to pee feel and instead of getting up sometimes 6 times during the night I am now down to just a couple. An added unexpected bonus was that I had been having weird dreams that, once I stopped the medication, also stopped.

I like the fact that Gary is not just a theorist about health (he sure knows a lot of stuff) but he’s a practitioner; he lives what he promotes, I’m excited about seeing my health improve and where this journey can take me and hand on heart Gary didn’t pay me one cent to say any of this.

I’m happy to share my experience if it helps another man face his own health challenges and steps into his own onto better health journey.

It will be the best investment you ever make.

Get a coach, get going, and get well.

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Image of hair tissue test
Our writer's HTMA

A couple of things to start with: Our writer failed to mention the regular exercise he is now doing, including hiking up and down the steep hills surrounding Wellington. It was his decision to stop the prostate medication so early.

There are many things I like about hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA): it helps take out most of the guessing about nutrition, including what to supplement with. It also helps us to identify what may be the root causes of ill health. Repeating the test gives us feedback and guidance about how successful an intervention is and where to head next. People who play a long game get better. For some, the results of their steady slog can be gob-smacking! Yes, it can be a slog. Getting healthy and getting fit are the same, really, and getting physically fit requires effort and consistency. So does getting healthy, especially when is there is chronic disease to overcome.

Getting healthy requires investment of one's money and not just time. It never ceases to amaze me the people willing to spend their precious money on the maintenance of their car and their house, but not on their health. When their health crashes, there is the religious belief that there is a magical drug or surgical procedure ready to save them and it will be available no matter what it costs - society will always pay. This is a sign of the times. The global response to COVID seems to be wrapped up in such religious fervour. New Zealand's response to this single virus spent at least 50 billion dollars in just one year, yet there is not a single mention, or a single extra cent for addressing the root causes of why we are now so vulnerable to viruses. Besides COVID-19, there are millions of other bugs out there that a healthy person will coexists with in peace and harmony. If you do not invest in the basics of what makes for good health, one of them is going to get you!


Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Apr 21, 2021

This person has a better than average diet. In part, it may be that the nutrient content of all staple foods has declined by about 50% since the 1940's while the sugar content of food has sky-rocketed. Most people burn a few thousand cals less than their grandparents. All of this adds up to be the Perfect Storm for people to be both nutrient-depleted and over weight.

Also, we tend no longer to eat highly nutrient-dense foods such as liver and kidney. We eat very well at home, I reckon, but I'll continue to take supplementary vitamins and minerals. Each new hair tissue test gives a guide to what foods and supplements to focus on at any time.


Ct Tmak
Ct Tmak
Apr 21, 2021

Are the low mineral values due to inadequate diet?

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