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This is the most important public health concept you will ever understand!

Updated: Mar 4

Below is the Standard Population Bell Curve. Let's talk about this graph as it relates to any measure of population health, such as risk factors for, say heart disease, cancer, or catching a nasty v.. (you know the one - but I won't mention it by name in case the thought police take exception and block this website).

Image of Bell Curve
Standard Bell Curve

Let's talk about the risk of dying from a "V" infection

In any population, a few people, say 1%, the ones populating the far left of the graph, are at most risk of dying if they catch the infection, whereas the majority, say 95%, the ones populating the middle of the graph, will have mostly mild-to-moderate symptoms such as needing a few days, or a week off work or school. A few, at the very right end of the curve, are more or less bullet proof.

Now, here's the Big One!

If we were to introduce a few public health measures which have the effect of shifting everyone in the population being measured just 1-2 percent towards the right of the graph, we would, in theory, vastly reduce the number of people at the highest risk of dying from the infection! At the very least, the tail comprising those at greatest risk of dying, on the left of the chart, will become very thin indeed, while most people in the center all shift to the right. There will be few deaths and less morbidity if infected.

The only people who will die are those who were going to, no matter what we do, most from natural causes.

Pandemic over!

What measures am I talking about?

  • Reducing poverty.

  • Tax on sugar and junk foods (food-like substances claiming to be food).

  • Taking GST of fresh produce.

  • Distributing cheap or free multivitamins with vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C.

  • Food in schools programme, including foods rich in the fat-soluble vitamins.

  • Encouraging outdoors living and exercise.

  • Encouraging rest: siestas, naps and relaxing holidays.

However, what is most exasperating - outrageous - is the refusal of so-called public health experts, officials and politicians to offer any public health advice, or implement any healthy measures, other than ones which are shifting all five million of us on the population bell curve to the left! Toward ill-heath!

Anyone, including highly qualified and respected health professionals, are being stone-walled, muzzled - censored. If they utter any health advice, other than that being mouthed by half a dozen Government-appointed expert talking heads, they are dismissed as "deniers", "conspiracy theorists" and so on. Even professors in medicine are having their work taken down from the internet. This is censorship and it is getting worse. We are only getting one side of the story - one version of reality - the official one only.

Sorry, no debate allowed, no discussion, no expert panels, no conferences - nothing.

Doctors do not work alone and they should not. They meet, collaborate, study and furiously debate, finally deciding on the best action to remedy a health problem. In this case, debate is not allowed, despite its massive disruption to all of humanity. Where are the conferences bringing the best minds in the country together to develop a plan? Nothing. If there is any collaboration, these meetings are happening well away from the public eye and with only a selected few, all in their exlusive echo chamber.

This is not good enough. The doctor in this video sums this up rather nicely. We can sense his frustration as he delivers his testimony to legislators.

Something is very wrong. How about some proper public health measures to support the vaccination programme? There are no downside - only upsides. Let's get on with it.



  • The center of the bell curve is the mean of the data point (also the highest point in the bell curve).

  • 68.2% of the total data points lie in the range (Mean – Standard Deviation to Mean + Standard Deviation).

  • 95.5% of the total data points lie in the range (Mean – 2*Standard Deviation to Mean + 2*Standard Deviation)

  • 99.7% of the total data points lie in the range (Mean – 3*Standard Deviation to Mean + 3*Standard Deviation)


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Ernest Gibbs
Sep 10, 2021

Another great article Gary. Public Health should be about actual Public Health - not a Political Rally of Lobbyists, technocrats & Snake Oil Salesmen

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Sep 10, 2021
Replying to

Absolutely, Ernest!


David Blake
Apr 11, 2021

Very wise words indeed - thanks for doing what you can to spread the word.

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