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Covid 19: Why are people dying?

Coronavirus Case Fatality Rates by Age

"Most “Covid” deaths are occurring in people aged over 80. People over the age of 80 statistically die in very high numbers every year. The author says so, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries employee he quotes says so, and official ONS data says so. So we say it is major hypocrisy when the pro lockdown fanatics shout “Definitely Covid” when someone dies within 60 days of a positive test for Sars-COV-2, but cry that it is “Just a coincidence” when someone dies within 10 days of receiving an experimental vaccine."



Two points to make:

  1. If a man who has tested positive, then falls off a ladder a few days later and dies, is this recorded as a COVID death on his certificate? Probably. If he has a vaccine and dies from a blood clot two days later, is this a vaccine-related death? Probably not.

  2. Fact of life: everyone dies, especially old people in the same pattern as illustrated in the chart above. With or without COVID, average annual deaths would be as previous years with a minor increase to account for an ageing population. There are blips at the peak of each wave, but when annualised, even.

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