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Stress and Depression are on the Increase

Updated: Mar 15

Updated: 21/08/21


A young man who was due to see me about his health ended his own life a week ago. His family is in a state of shock. I can not even begin to imagine the gravity of their loss and suffering.

"An average of 342 Victorians under the age of 17 were admitted to hospital each week, according to the report, which used data from between April and May of this year. This is a worrying 57% increase from the same time period in 2020.

On average 156 teenagers per week were also admitted to hospital for self-harming or expressing suicidal tendencies, the report claimed ..."

When I talk to workers at the coal face of mental health, it is obvious there is an epidemic of people ending their lives but the size and gravity of the problem are being downplayed by officialdom. There is no data yet for the previous year, but the talk on the streets is grim.

"Covid is the straw that breaks the camels back. It creates a tipping point for people who are close to going over the edge with their health."


Antidepression medication use is exploding as mental health and counselling services fail to cope with the numbers being created since the beginning of last year. The Government's propaganda machine is putting a positive spin on this but we are not fools:

There is a well-known phenomenon of the "Unintended Consequences of a well-intended Health Measure". While it may be debated that the measures we are talking about over the last year and continuing were well-intended, the consequences are becoming catastrophic. Resorting to fear, forcing people to hide their faces, spreading official misinformation, practising censorship, requiring isolation, increasing financial hardship, destroying our dreams and ambitions and using humiliation in order to get one's way is unforgivable. Many people are simply not equipped with the mental fortitude to handle this constant assault of fear and negativity.

26 people have died in NZ from COVID, but many more have died due to the response. We know it is a lot and the numbers will grow for years to come. Nobody ever needed to die from this disease unless they were ready to leave no matter what. If only doctors were allowed to do their jobs.

I've been writing since March last year that our official pandemic response was wrong, that a single one-size-fits-all drugs solution was never going to save us unless we addressed the root causes of why our people are so vulnerable to infections these days (poverty, stress, malnutrition etc). Unless we address these root causes, we face a bleak future.

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1 Comment

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Aug 10, 2021

"Mary" wrote in confidence:

I am so sorry to hear about the young life lost. There are far too many and you’re right Gary, the cost is far too high.

I wonder what people would have said if five years ago we said the government was going to lock people up in their homes in case they got the flu. They would not be able to work, businesses would crash and the daily statistics for suicide would escalate through the roof. Probably there would be shouts of “conspiracy theory”. 500 people every year used to die of the flu. Nobody was locked up. and nobody should be. It is psychotic. It is the psychosis of leaders the world over. …

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