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New Zealand Suffers Two Thousand Excess Deaths Since the Vaccine Rollout!

Updated: Mar 21


Read this article:

and this one:

And this:

These excess deaths, now at least 2,000, are mostly younger people; whereas COVID kills people, mostly past the average life expectancy!

There goes the rescue helicopter, flying past our home delivering yet another patient to Wellington Hospital: It appears to be very busy these days. I wonder why?

My friend, Guy Hatchard is interviewed by a UK media company about this, succinctly outlining the issues:

COVID is now rampant in New Zealand. It is now time for us to scrap every mandate and let the pandemic run its natural course (if you can say this of what is now obviously a lab-made virus). It is critical that we gain natural immunity before winter sets in and we can begin preparing for what may become a killer influenza season. While we are gaining herd immunity to COVID we must protect the vulnerable by encouraging, but not compelling them to socially distance, wear masks and vaccinate (if only it were a safe and effective one!). In addition, everyone who desires may receive safe and effective prophylactic medicines such as Ivermectin. We must urgently boost everyone's immune health by encouraging daily exercise, reducing obesity, and healthy nutritional practices, including supplementation with vitamin D, zinc., selenium and zinc among other things.


stab vest

One point to make; I'm supposedly in that elderly age group that is vulnerable to COVID. For starters I'm healthy and I sure do not think of myself as a coward: Besides, I have already had COVID and am still alive. Young people have the least, if anything, to fear from this virus. The mRNA vaccine is most hazardous to the young and less so to the elderly, so we are killing and maiming the young to protect the elderly!

I do not know about you but there is no way in the world I'm going to listen to the Mother of our Nation and put my children at risk in some vain hope that doing so makes me safer - give me a break!


Once herd immunity has been quickly achieved and the virus has "burned out" the vulnerable may then relax and rejoin society. Similar to what happened after the Spanish Flu burned itself out, we can all continue on life as normal with barely a billion spent, in contrast to the countless billions already wasted by this Government and its inept advisers, along with two years of wasted time, and unbelievable disruption and suffering!

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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Mar 24, 2022

Sadly there is a giant stinking gorilla holed up in the kitchen though Gary.

This relates to the fact is that these mRNA products never had a hope in hell of contributing to our country reaching herd immunity. In fact, experts back in 2020 bet their careers [and lives... Montagnier died suddenly early this year] on the fact that deploying any leaky vaccine in the field would have a hugely detrimental effect on any population striving for herd immunity

Leading experts like Luc Montagnier, and Geert Vanden Bossche warned us well before the first jabs were ever deployed that using these products would prove to be the most tragic example of industry-sponsored carnage in medical history.

Even Pfizer's own…


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Mar 24, 2022

Guy Hatchard is a very good speaker. Very impressive indeed.

He gets the message across with all its severity without having to go anywhere near speculation.

He just dishes it out the way it is and tackles the entire systemic Pfizer big pharma control over institutions and Governments . Yes this is awar. this is genocide.

Pfizer and mRNA makers are serial killers. He just dishes it out the way it is and tackled the entire Pfizer big pharma control over institutions and Governments .

Our Medical fraternity in New Zealand is an utter disgrace from top to bottom, and can never be forgiven or trusted again.

Once again we get to the truth of the need for a healt…

Mar 24, 2022
Replying to

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "I wish Guy was running our country." 😍

Gary, did I read you correctly up there?... Can we freely buy Ivermectin now??

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