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Cartoon of WW3

A study in Nature Medicine found that even mild COVID-19 infections can lead to significant long-term health issues like irritable bowel syndrome, mini-strokes, and pulmonary scarring up to three years post-infection. The research, based on millions of Veterans Affairs health records, indicates higher risks of gastrointestinal, neurological, and pulmonary problems for mild cases, with even greater risks for severe cases. Chronic inflammation from COVID-19 may be a key factor. Some risks decrease after three years, but the findings stress the need for ongoing health monitoring post-COVID.


The study didn't address the role of vaccines in any of this. Duh!



In our role of running a small health service, we are seeing a change in the conditions people are seeking our help with, and there's a familiar pattern: Exhaustion, recurrent fevers, and unusual neurological conditions affecting eyesight, balance, ringing in the ears. Cancers. Of greatest concern are what appear to be wildfire diseases that appear out of nowhere, advancing at an alarming rate on first diagnosis!

The common factor is systemic inflammation, in some cases, affecting the central nervous system. I suspect the cause for this alarming surge in poor health and wildfire diseases is the COVID spike protein. The spike protein, which is evidently in most people's blood nowadays, is akin to snake venom — it's extremely inflammatory. The spike protein is from either the virus itself, the vaccination, or via shedding of mRNA. As I've said in previous articles, vaccinated or not, we're all in this together — we're all vulnerable to some extent. Having it injected into one's body has to be the worst way to get it, but not the only way.

Here's an example of what I'm referring to:

This, and many similar studies, confirm our deep concerns that something very bad is happening to the health of humanity. The study also confirms, globally, that scientists, health officials, and politicians continue to look the other way. They're either in denial, or else in the pockets of the evil people who are making enormous profits, and who are intent on reducing the population to less than one billion.

mRNA Vaccines are bioweapons

By the way, if there is consequential rapid depopulation, this will lead to the collapse of civilisation. We'll be returning to the Stone Age. If there is to be depopulation, it must be made very gradual, and by people choosing how many children they raise — not the decision of a handful of billionaires who are devoid of humanity and lack common sense.

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