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Alarming Surge in Cancer Deaths Among Young Adults Raises Concerns

Meanwhile, Health Officials Look the Other Way

Summary for busy people

  • The news that there's been a disturbing rise in cancer fatalities among young people in the United States should be of great concern for New Zealand.

  • Is this connected to a widely used and contentious substance? Although New Zealand's experts appear not to be worried, and are ignoring or downplaying the issue, the evidence indicates otherwise and gives reason for great concern.

  • As more diseases seem to be on the rise, it's time for people to focus on the basics of health and make our voices heard through the upcoming COVID Inquiry

Spike protein
mRNA manufactured Spike Protein

When America sneezes, New Zealand gets the flu!

"The results indicate that from 2021 a novel phenomenon leading to increased neoplasm deaths appears to be present in individuals aged 15 to 44 in the US. The greater rise in deaths due to neoplasms in multiple causes compared to underlying cause indicates that some deaths from neoplasms are being brought forward by other causes. The rise in cancer-death rates as underlying cause might be the result of an unexpected rise in the incidence of rapidly growing fatal cancers and/or a reduction in survival in existing cancer cases"


This shocking new study (above) has caught my attention, but health officials in New Zealand appear uninterested and dismissive about reports like this one of the alarming increase in cancer deaths among young adults in the US. I'll add that myself and many others — Kiwis with more than half a brain and with one eye open to what's going on in this country — sense the same alarming trend is happening in New Zealand, and it may be worse!

What we are sensing isn't just there being a surge in cancers, but they seem to be growing and spreading within people's bodies like wildfires, and with terminal consequences — it's alarming to say the least. I'll add that I'm sensing similar trends in all diseases, not just cancers, heart problems and strokes but in all diseases. It shows as reports of the overwhelming of our hospital accident and emergency departments, plus alarming absenteeism rates for businesses and schools. A surge in neurological conditions stands out.

While cancer has long been a leading cause of death in younger age groups, reports, like this one, of the sudden rise in cancer deaths overseas, and reports in New Zealand of cancer services being stretched beyond limits, suggests that we have a serious and growing problem. While there may be many factors at play, including delays in screening and treatment during the lockdowns, this can't explain the apparent surge in cases. So, I wonder what it could be?

Deferring to our experts, I must accept the possibility is incredibly remote, but could this surge be related to something that's been touted as being totally safe and effective and injected into 90 percent of the population? Surely it can't be because our revered experts have assured us, despite the coincidences, and it having similar effects to snake venom, it's still completely safe, even for pregnant women and babies. They assure us that it doesn't increase inflammation, or damage people's DNA, both of which are precursors for the development of cancer.

So, what could it be? Nothing to see here!

People, this is only the beginning, with more untested, yet safe and effective stuff on the way, coming for you, your children, and your animals (farmers beware):

If you don't believe me:

So, what can you do?

A queue
  • No more jabs. Instead, invest in the basics of health.

  • Make a submission to the new COVID Inquiry, initiated by NZ First. These are expected to be called for later this year.

  • Sign up for this newsletter to stay up-to-date and receive notifications about when and how to make a submission. By sharing your concerns and experiences, we can better ensure this inquiry doesn't become a whitewash.

Overseas, the dam is bursting — gradually — but how about NZ?

Here's some light entertainment to finish off (warning — includes a lot of foul language):

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Jun 27

It appears that it is not only the vaxes that are causing cancer, but shedding from those who have been vaxed, especially if the shedee is immune compromised. My wife died of rampant, multi-organ abdominal cancer in January, 2 weeks from diagnosis to death. She had an autoimmune disease and was on immune suppressant medication. She also drove minibuses of jabbed cruise ship passengers to places of interest when cruise ships were in port in Tauranga., spending several days a week in close proximity to many recently jabbed passengers. For her disease, she had frequent blood tests, mainly for eGFR measurements, but they also recorded her lymphocyte count, which was an indication of the state of her immune system. D…


Philip Hayward
Jun 27

I've noticed in my unsolicited "news feeds" from Big Tech, over and over again there is a sensational headline to the effect that "Doctors concerned dietary fad behind explosion in colon cancer in young people". Of course! Don't you love the unspoken co-ordination among the various agencies of "the establishment"!

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