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Injection Harm: How to File an ACC Claim

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

(Updated December 2012)

Important: this is an essay by Gary Moller, reflecting upon what he has observed in the Clinic. I do not and can not diagnose health problems or give treatment recommendations. The intention here is to help guide nutrition and lifestyle to support medical treatment: consult your doctor).


"Hi, Gary, a friend of mine has had a serious adverse reaction to the jab (heart-related). Can she apply for help through ACC, and if so, how would she go about it? Thanks for your help!"



Thank you for asking. Yes, your friend must apply for ACC assistance to cover her treatment costs, loss of wages, business assistance, assistance with return to work, and possible lump sum payment, but be prepared for a bit of a battle. Unsubstantiated rumours are circulating that some families have received as much as $120,000 as compensation for vaccine injuries. Still, it is alleged that these come with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that forbids any mention of the details. I know of one case, but unfortunately, the alleged recipients have fallen silent, so I cannot comment further.

But here's the thing: ACC is a no-fault scheme to provide treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for accident victims, regardless of fault, including those allegedly or possibly harmed by an experimental drug that was incompletely safety tested and then mandated upon innocent and well-intentioned people. Whether or not a person has complicating comorbidities, such as diabetes or heart disease, the perfect storm principle that leads to a health catastrophe means the benefit of the doubt must fall in favour of the patient. This is especially so when it is an experimental drug that people were coerced into taking.

Why bother to apply for ACC coverage for a vaccine injury?

Injuries can include death, paralysis and heart damage. Other injuries may include miscarriage, stillbirth, and wildfire diseases, where previously benign conditions such as cancer and Parkinson's burst into flames and engulf the victim at a frightening rate.

If an ACC claim is accepted, a Case Manager will be assigned, and a Case Management Plan will be devised with the input of the patient, their family and medical staff to ensure the patient receives the best care. This care may include replacement of lost income, assistance with personal and home care, professional treatment and rehabilitation services, and transport to such services. A lump sum payment may also be forthcoming.

While it may seem a long shot to blame the mRNA shot for many cases, never overlook the idea that the perfect storm is at play for most injuries other than sudden trauma, such as being run over by a bus. Further, it is not for you or your doctor to determine the validity of a claim: That is up to ACC. However, ACC is sure to decline the claim initially, but knowing this, you are preparing to take the claim to appeal, and you will win at the appeal.

How to apply for ACC