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Here's an example of successful detoxification

Note: we used no drugs in the production of these health outcomes.

Here's a man with a long history of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. He is on medications for these. While medication may be necessary, it is worth noting that none address the root causes of ill health. So what is the possible root cause(s) of this health-conscious man's illnesses?


Note: this is an essay by Gary Moller, reflecting upon what he has observed when applying the HTMA in the Clinic, including the unique patterns on the HTMA that are often common to a specific health condition. This is not to diagnose a medical condition, nor are there any treatment recommendations. The intention here is to help guide nutrition and lifestyle support. This is written with consent from the person who was tested.


We had him complete a hair tissue mineral analysis, and here is what we found: Arsenic (As) and not just a little - heaps - he was off the charts for this poison!

Hair tissue test chart

Many studies show a link between toxins like arsenic and conditions such as diabetes, prostate cancer, connective tissue disorders, autoimmune disorders, and heart disease. Among other things, toxins like arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead damage pancreatic cells, which produce insulin. Here's an example of what you will discover:

Arsenic toxicity is widespread in New Zealand and is prevalent in men who work with their hands. Arsenic is the smoking gun for the extremely high rates of prostate disease among older farmers.

Aggressive chemical chelation therapy is of little to no benefit for removing deeply embedded toxins. Chemical chelation may remove what is in circulation and a little more by skimming the surface of tissues. However, chelation does not draw out a poison like arsenic which is osteophilic and lipophilic; in other words, these toxins have an affinity for bone and fat; they bury deep within these tissues. Unfortunately, this means arsenic accumulates in bone and organs like the brain, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. These poisonous deposits never show on a blood test for obvious reasons.

Those responsible for polluting the environment and agencies that do not want to bear the cost of cleaning up favour blood tests and go out of their way to attack the credibility of HTMA for identifying toxic exposures. On the contrary, HTMA is the go-to test: HTMA can pick up toxic exposures that may have happened decades ago.

The most effective way to detoxify is to use the body's inbuilt detoxification systems to do the job. All we have to do is lovingly support these processes and take our time. Mother Nature never rushes her work. We do this by supplying the nutrients the body needs to function optimally, but one step further; to provide nutrients that protect us from the most damaging effects of toxins. The nutrients we decide upon is determined by reference to the Periodic Table of the Elements: we supply the elements which are antagonists to the one we want to expel, in this case, arsenic. Several antagonists to arsenic include selenium sulphur, copper, zinc, iron, chromium, manganese and calcium. Vitamin E, the B vitamins and beta carotenes assist the process of detoxification and partially protect us from the worst of the damage these toxins cause while they are being mobilised and excreted from the body. When deciding what to include as a prescription from this list, we refer to the HTMA. If an element like iron is high, we may not supplement this one while emphasising others.

So, we got on with the job with this man, making changes to his diet and giving him several supplements, which he took consistently for several months. Then he repeated the HTMA. The repeat HTMA is where we usually make the most significant breakthroughs.

Hair tissue test chart

We can reliably conclude that he has completed the detoxification of arsenic. It is worth noting that iron, chromium and cobalt have dropped. We usually see the elevation of these in Men who work with metals, agricultural chemicals, solvents, treated timber, grinders and sanders, welding and blowtorches, and handyman work like house maintenance (scraping and sanding old paint). The exposure to toxins may only be on one or two occasions or many small ones over a long time. In the end, how these get into a body does not matter. What matters is being sure that more is not coming in, so we can get on with the job of cleaning out what is there.

Now that he is a clean machine, we can move to a new phase. It is now time to focus on achieving perfect nutritional balance as part of a programme to do the best we can to undo as much of the damage to organs like blood vessels and the Islets of Langerhans. One of the primary roles of our genes is to keep us in a state of perfect health for the duration of our programmed life, which is about 110 years - less if we abuse and damage our bodies along the way. Should we fall into a state of disrepair, our genes will do everything they can to return us to a state of perfect health. They will faithfully do this, but only if we create the nurturing conditions and supply ample raw ingredients (nutrients).

HTMA tells us what we need to do nutritionally to nurture, repair and restore resilience. For this man, regardless of age, there is much exciting ground to recover.

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