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What is the best test for lead and arsenic poisoning?

Updated: Mar 5

What is the best test for finding out if they have contaminated you and your family with a toxin such as arsenic or lead? I have the answer, and it is the Interclinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

Example of toxic exposure years ago!
Example of toxic exposure years ago but still present!

Why is a blood test offered and not the hair tissue test?

Seldom is this highly accurate forensic test recommended or offered by health authorities or the parties responsible for the pollution. Instead, they offer a blood and/or urine test. These tests are helpful, but they lose their usefulness with each day delayed in gathering the sample.

When a toxin like lead enters the body, detoxification desperately begins. This may include vomiting and diarrhoea during the acute stages. What toxins enter the blood stream is removed via the liver and kidneys. This can be very stressful on these organs. What can not be removed during the acute stages is sequestered in rather inert tissue such as bone and fat (this includes the fatty brain tissue, unfortunately!), and in organs like the liver and kidneys.

After just a few days following the exposure, blood levels of a toxin will have plummeted. Even if the exposure was huge, or in smaller doses but over a long period, and the true toxic burden deep within the body is high, a blood or urine test may only show low levels of contamination. You will gather why the polluters and officials who want to downplay the consequences of their lack of protective oversight favour these tests!

Blood levels usually plummet by the time a fluid sample is taken for testing

Toxins are quickly out of circulation, but it is like rust in your car's chassis: you can't see or feel it: it is there gradually eating away at your vehicle's structural integrity! The same happens with toxins sequestered deep within your body. It may go unnoticed for years and even decades, all the while chewing away at your structural integrty and health. As the body is able, tiny amounts of the toxin are mobilised from tissue stores and gently and carefully removed from the body. Without help, this process of detoxification may take years and sometimes decades to complete but the damage is done.

If the body is mobilising and eliminating even tiny amounts of a toxic element such as lead or arsenic, this will be recorded in the hair that was growing at the time. If we give the person "mineral antagonists" of a suspected toxin and the toxin then spikes on a repeat test, this is confirmation that there is a lot more toxin deep within and not necessarily in the circulation.

Blood and urine tests are best for indentifying ACUTE exposure to a toxin

Blood and urine tests are helpful for identifying and measuring acute cases. After a few days, assuming there is no ongoing toxic exposure, these tests become misleading, short-changing the victims who may already suffer significant health issues from the toxin's prescence, or be struck down with ill health years later.

Interclinical HTMA kicks are wonderful for measuring what may be historic contamination and getting an idea of what may lurk deep within a person's body. Hair, skin and nails are one of the excretory pathways for the body to remove toxins like lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. When the body finds it has the energy to remove tiny amounts of a sequestered toxin, it will capture some within the hair cells that are growing at the time of excreting. Hair that grew over a three-month period, for example, will capture any toxins leaving the body during those months. We measure this almost down to the atom, using mass-spectrometry. It is accurate. Polluters can not hide, nor can officials who may want to downplay the consequences.

If you or your loved ones have concerns about possible or actual exposure to toxic elements such as lead, arsenic, cadmium or mercury, contact me to learn more about how to get this test done and any special offers we may have for you.

I am very concerned about this matter because I am dealing daily with people who have had their health ruined by inadvertent contamination by toxins such as lead and arsenic, most of these are from known sources, but either ignored or downplayed by those responsible for our protection. This has to end!

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
28. Feb. 2021

Eric, most of what I have here is either from the USA (Douglas Labs) or Belgium (Dr Wilson's). Cheap may be just that - cheap. Contamination should never happen but who knows? Cheap usually means poor results. Even when the product appears to be identical, the cheaper one may not give the same benefits. Fish oil may be one of the best examples. Where it comes from and how it is processed and stored is crucial.

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
27. Feb. 2021

It came to my attention just recently (From "the truth about detox") that supplements from Chinese are the worse and have highest amount of lead in them, Supplements from Europe are the best as they have the highest standards.

Gefällt mir
Unknown member
27. Feb. 2021
Antwort an

why is everything broken why is most of my email address in the name section without

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