• Gary Moller

An unusual case of arthritis associated with exposure to manganese

As I have said, many times, I love my job because it is like being a crime scene investigator in the movies. I solve "health crimes". It's a fun challenge and the results can be most satisfying indeed!

This article reports an unusual case involving a very health-conscious man in his mid-40's who, despite all his best efforts, has begun to suffer progressive, serious knee arthritis and early signs of similar degeneration of the hip joints. He has visible bowing of one leg.

He was not a marathon runner, nor was he doing sports like kick boxing, he was not a miner, or roofing contractor. At 44 years he should have healthy joints, not the joints of an old man.

There was no credible medical explanation and the only treatment on offer was ongoing monitoring leading eventually to joint replacement surgery. Needless to say, he was not happy with having such limited options!

Is it in the genes?

What is fascinating is the stark difference between people with the rate at which a degenerative disease may progress and the contradictions that are often present.

Why can a rugby player who abused his knees, during his early years, still be mobile in old age, while a health conscious 44 year old, who cared better for his knees, end up struggling with advancing arthritis? The usual explan