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Here is the End Game Hiding Behind the Fart Tax

Updated: Mar 27

If you have not realised it, the Looneys are running the country.

Looney Tunes

So, New Zealand is locked into trying to achieve near-impossible methane emission-reduction targets by 2030 that threaten to gut New Zealand farming while turning the country into one large monoculture pine plantation.

To achieve its methane emissions goals, the Government has produced a big stick to threaten farmers to get in behind. The big stick is a methane tax, popularly known as the "Fart Tax", to be introduced in three years. While this proposed tax sounds bad enough, is there something more sinister behind this tax than just meeting the emission goals of UN Agenda 2030? I think so, and it is to introduce unimpeded genetic engineering for plants, animals and humans. Bear in mind the WEF's plans for the 4th Industrial Revolution, including transhumanism, which help explain why there is so much intentional chaos these days and why farming is a prime target by the globalist technocrats for destruction before rebuilding).

Let's be clear; I do not support the trend in NZ agriculture to have larger farms, more intensive stocking, more monoculture and more reliance on large-scale industrial processes, including intensive use of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics, and huge water demand. I used to work on farms, including milking cows. At the time, we knew every cow in the herd and her personality.

This is more like the model NZ farming needs to aspire to:

My vision is for New Zealand to be the best organic market garden for the world.

This press release, below, by the NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party pretty much sums up what the Fart tax is about and how it threatens to decimate NZ farming and rural communities:

However, organic, sustainable farming is not what is in store for us: Quite the opposite!

I think the Fart Tax is the Trojan Horse or smokescreen for the widespread introduction of genetic engineering into NZ agriculture and a form of industrial farming in which family-based businesses will have no part. As we can see in countries like the Netherlands, small farms are being put out of business en mass, and the Government is consolidating the land to flog off later on to their corporate mates, presumably at fire sale prices. mRNA drugs and the massive profits they promise, plus the control that comes with their use, are what is hiding within the Trojan Horse.

The COVID pandemic, triggered by the release, intentional or by accident, of a lab-made bioweapon, has proven that mRNA vaccines are the trillion-dollar future for Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Agriculture, and Big Tech. Now they have finally broken the resistance to this dreadful technology and got it into just about every human being's DNA; they plan to extend mRNA technology to plants and animals while proliferating the mRNA drugs for just about every human condition, mental and physical.

If we ever dreamed of New Zealand becoming the organic market garden for the rest of the world, we can kiss that idea goodbye forever unless we act now. Once the genetic engineering genie is out of the bottle, it won't return - never! Once these altered genes are out in the wild, they can never be pulled back.

As surely as the night follows the day, mRNA for animals is coming, but will farmers allow mad scientists to inject an untested and obviously unsafe DNA-altering drug into their precious animals that are the product of decades of careful selective breeding? How many? Not many: None at all, probably. So, what do our Dear Leader and her handlers do to gain acceptance of genetic engineering by farmers?

First, they announce an impossible and punitive tax, scare and depress the farmers for several months to break their will, and then offer them a get-out-of-jail card: The mRNA methane-reducing vaccine!

And, of course, as is happening in Holland, any pesky and resistant farmers will be put out of business one way or another, and their land grabbed by massive foreign investors who embrace mRNA technology. In the case of the mRNA vaccine, if a farmer has not inoculated and boosted every animal, a huge fine will be levied along with the threat of confiscation. These inoculations will not be cheap, so if you are a farmer, don't dream for one second that a vaccine will save you and your farm - it won't. Meat and animal products may become unaffordable for everyone other than the wealthy elite - the ruling one per cent. Crickets and soy will become the staple food for most people, the way things are heading.

The tax and the three-year grace period for its introduction are designed to prepare the way for an mRNA vaccine to reduce methane emissions. Farmers face having to sell up and walk off their land or significantly reducing herd numbers and converting substantial tracts of land into pine plantations. For many farmers, this is just too much to comprehend, let alone consider. They're being attacked from all angles right now, and they have more than enough to get on with just running their farms as it is. Yes, change is necessary - change is constant - but it must be pushed by a series of many small waves of pressure, not a handful of massive tsunamis, that swamp and destroy everything in their path.

If we go too hard and fast, relying on unproven, obviously unsafe technologies, we risk destroying the village to save it.

People, mRNA drugs to genetically alter/engineer plants, animals and humans for every purpose under the sun are on their way, have no illusions about that, the GE goldrush is underway, and New Zealand is leading the way:

Take note of the $40 million grant to Auckland University for mRNA research and the building of research and production facilities here and in Australia for developing and producing these vaccines. It is all on!

Read these:

And some of these articles:

So, genetic engineering is now thriving in New Zealand, and there has been no public consultation or scientific and ethical scrutiny: The US-funded Wuhan bioweapon pandemic opened the backdoor for entry by this unsafe technology. Please read this article about why this technology and "Gain of Function" research must be halted by the people immediately:

So, what happens when you eat plant and animal products like milk from GMO food? You risk incorporating the food's damaged genes into your DNA or sending unhealthy and confusing messages to your DNA. If you don't believe me about this possibility, get a copy of Dr Guy Hathchard's book, "Your DNA Diet", and read the articles here:

DNA is life's Godscript: It is, therefore, sacrosanct and forbidden that man, especially mad scientists, attempt to play God by fiddling with it.

Please read this article:

To give you an idea of how cavalier, outrageous, unscrupulous, unethical and unsafe the people promoting mRNA are, just consider that the golden rule with pregnant women is you never, ever inject an untested substance into her. This even applies to some vitamins and minerals and some foods: Unless there is convincing evidence that it is safe, no health professional can recommend injecting a substance into a pregnant woman. In this case of mRNA, all safety considerations have been cast aside with the consequence we now have a horrific surge of miscarriages and stillbirths and suspected infertility. Still, we will have to wait a little longer to know for sure - all too late, mind you.

Do not let the Gene-E out of the bottle!

You can see where this is heading: Down the tubes to produce a terrible disaster just to make a handful of obscenely rich people even more wealthy and powerful.

Act now and halt all GE research, manufacture and use and have a proper, open investigation with public consultation about genetic engineering and its place in New Zealand. There must then be a binding national referendum on whether or not GE is allowed in New Zealand.

Yes, I want to be consulted; how about you? Did you vote for any of this? I don't recall doing so. We still live in a democracy, don't we, where politicians and public servants serve us, the people?

My vision is for a GE-free New Zealand that is pest-free, with lush native forests and farms that produce the best food on the planet to feed the rest of the world. And carbon neutral - of course! What's your vision? Do you favour GE or not? Please tell us by writing in the comments section below. Thanks.


Please support these websites while enjoying the wealth of delicious truth sitting on their website for your to devour:


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Oct 23, 2022

I have half said it before and here again: This is a violent program of genocide and societal collapse from insane psychopaths like Ardern and the Zionist New world Order. . The only way to fight this is with concerted violets of the same nature. New Zealaneders do not have the guts and determinaton for this and will be come subjects of totalitarianism. We would need one hundred people with life committment and then one thousand very shortly after the action commences, and then ten thousand,. .

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Oct 23, 2022
Replying to

Paul, I think the tide is changing with a lot of very bright people working behind the scenes to restore democracy.

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