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COVID-19: why we need the vaccines

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

New Zealand, like the rest of the world, needs these vaccines for COVID-19. We need them because we are an increasingly unhealthy lot. I’m into my 46th year of working full time in the health sector. During that time, I have seen New Zealand go from being one of the healthiest countries in the developed world to being one of the most unhealthy.

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Contributing to the need for these vaccines is the complete lack of any interest by those in charge or our COVID-19 response in any measures to improve population health. I don't think it helps that many of the experts advising the Government are academics and career administrators who have never treated a sick person, or have not done so for a long time. Take an expert out of his or her field, which may be very narrow and they may know little more than you, sometimes a lot less.

What we know is this: if you are in good health, especially if young, then your risk of dying from this virus is less than the risk of driving to the clinic to get checked for COVID. The trouble is, the idea of who is a healthy person nowadays is very different to what I remember and still consider being a healthy person. The bar, today, is very low and what they prescribe to stay healthy is actually very unhealthy. Big Pharma and Big Medicine have conditioned us to believe that there is an instant quick-fix for all that ails us and to the day we die. We are told we do not have to be proactive in our health because there is always a doctor, draped in a white coat who will gallop over the horizon, syringe in hand, to save us.

Many experts predict that infections like COVID-19 are humanity's future, requiring more and more medical technology, such as vaccines to control the onslaught that is coming. I agree, because we are sitting ducks for getting smashed by infections such as COVID-19. I say this for these reasons, as they apply to New Zealand:

  • A Tsunami of old people (I'm one of them) is now swamping our shores. Few will die peacefully in their sleep, because of old age. Most of us will get sick and die slowly, unpleasantly, and at great expense.

  • Like the rest of the world, New Zealanders, once a sparse, rural-based populace, now crowding into cities.

  • We no longer commune with Mother Nature like we used to. Fresh air, sunshine, dirt between our toes - you get the idea!

  • Poverty is increasing, along with its associated poor nutrition, poor housing and high stress.

  • The echelon of children from the 1970s onwards who are immune-suppressed, or suffering auto-immune conditions (mostly medically induced, by the way).

  • 80-90% of New Zealanders are now vitamin D deficient. This is because of the well-intentioned, but misguided "SunSmart" programme which may benefit those with the Celtic gene, but damages the health of all others. Vitamin D has a long list of health benefits, including regulating the immune system and inflammation.

  • New Zealanders are among the most zinc and selenium deficient people in the world. Like vitamin D, these minerals support immune health and regulate inflammation.

  • Our food has about half the trace nutrients, but almost twice the calories in it as compared to fifty years ago. Our caloric needs have almost halved because we are so sedentary.

  • Inflammatory and immune-suppressing sugar, grains and unhealthy forms of fat, now dominate our diets.

  • We are competing to be the top junk-food nation of the world.

  • We have some of the most obese people in the OECD.

  • Toxins abound: we add thousands of new chemicals to our environment every year. Per capita, some say, New Zealand uses more agricultural chemicals than any other country.

I concede: if we were to allow community transmission of COVID-19, there would be an unacceptable spike in deaths and increased morbidity. Unless we address the things I have listed above, COVID-19 and the next viruses that come along will wreak havoc, if they get into the population, unhealthy as it is. What worries me is we do not know how lasting the vaccines will be, or how well those with weak or dysfunctional immune systems are going to respond to the vaccine. Will mass vaccination mean we can open our borders and travel freely? Maybe? Maybe not?

I have written many articles about what one might call a "healthy" response to COVID-19. I'm not the only one. Many thousands of doctors and allied health professionals, world-wide, agree with me, but they are being ignored. Read what I have written here: https://www.garymoller.com/blog-1/search/covid

We are currently free of community transmission of the virus. This is wonderful, but it means we can not fully engage with the rest of the world. We can not conveniently travel outside our shores, nor can anyone visit without quarantine. With no community transmission, there is no building up of herd immunity in New Zealand. Unless there is mass vaccination, we must maintain tight border controls. This strategy has cost us at least $50 billion in direct and indirect expenses and climbing. Oh - what we could have done with that money to improve the nutritional status of our people and reduce poverty! But that was never going to happen.

There is no interest in promoting real health, just token health, probably because the actual money is in treating disease with drugs and surgery. Some say the business of health requires a never-ending stream of people who are sick from the day they are born to the day they die. How long a person lives is irrelevant for this lucrative business model. Healthy people are bad for business.

In my 40-plus years in the health sector, I have watched medicine - health - steadily captured by big business. Being a doctor was once both a profession and an art. It no longer is. There is talk today of replacing the general practitioner with a computer algorithm which decides which drug to prescribe for you.

If the Government was genuine in its intentions to improve the health of its people, one of the first actions during the initial lockdown should have been to remove GST from fruit and vegetables and place a punitive tax on high-sugar products. It did neither, instead closing grocery stores other than supermarkets, keeping liquor stores open, while closing down natural health practitioners, including nutritionists for the duration of the lockdown. Small businesses suffered while large corporates such as supermarkets gained more market share.

I apologise for sounding dark and depressing, but let's take it as a positive reality check. There are three take home messages:

  1. With no community transmission, there will be no herd immunity, so we need a mass vaccination programme instead, otherwise, our borders must remain tightly shut.

  2. With no interest at all in improving the health of New Zealanders, a mass vaccination programme is our only way out, but even this, at the immediate cost of another billion dollars and ongoing, is no guarantee of escape for us.

  3. If you are in good health, you have little to fear from COVID-19.

  4. Invest in your personal health and that of your family. Your Government is not going to.

"What about Long COVID and what about the healthy young person I hear died of COVID the other day, Gary?"

My answer: https://www.garymoller.com/post/what-is-long-covid

Have a good day - I'm off for a run, some sunshine, some fresh air, some Nature!

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